Milwaukee batteries – be aware of fakes !

I decided to write about this subject after looking at the official feedback review of Milwaukee batteries on their official websites. There are quite some unexplained low ratings there while many ratings are very good or excellent. So there must be something wrong. Well, here comes the story.

In the power tools industry, just like in the Li-Ion cell industry there’s an invasion of fakes on the market. Just like you have the blue or striped “ultrafire” 18650 cells that are marked over 4000mAh and they actually have between 100 and 400 usually and that’s just for a few charges, you also have fakes for power tool batteries. In DeWalt’s case it’s a lot worse, there are low quality tools overmarked, nicely painted and sold as originals even if they are totally low entry level tools. Don’t get me wrong, may are actually usable and good for low power precision work but will instantly fail at work that suppose to be achievable for them. Batteries are even labeled 36V and have only 4 cells (so it’s a 14.4V tool). This is as far as things went for DeWalt.

But let’s get back at Milwaukee batteries. I had hundreds of such batteries ranging from 2Ah and ending up with 12Ah with most intermediaries between (3, 4, 5, 9 and the newer 3 and 8Ah). All originals were excellent, even very old ones. I have plenty of them still that are 4-5 years old and have more than 85% of their capacity intact. The only thing I found strange so far was a lot that I had from 2019-2020 of 5Ah ones that were practically self-discharging extremely fast, as in more than half capacity each month. Nothing else wrong with them; they had the stated capacity, the original cells, everything was good except this. I did not find something to explain this yet. But other than this, I can definitely rate the Milwaukee batteries as the best power tool batteries there. I will explain the details why in another article, as I want to focus now on fakes.

Given my experience with all types of their M18 batteries (which I also repair in my spare time as a hobby), reading the user product reviews, I could only come up with the conclusion that many people get fakes instead. And fakes are not only one type, they are multiple types, some totally junk, some nearly acceptable in quality. I will rate the fakes from highest to lowest quality: fakes that have original cells, fakes that have alternate cells (of high current or not of high current) and the junk fakes that have low capacity low current cells.

Grade B fakes (with original cells) – those are the best of the fakes. You actually get original Samsung cells but of lower capacity. Here’s an example of a 3Ah one having 1300mAh Samsung cells instead of 1500mAh ones:

You can clearly see that the soldering is done manually. So this is the best type of fake you can get: you have high current cells, you get near the stated capacity (2.6Ah instead of 3.0) but the electronics are usually pretty bad and won’t last too long. So let’s say you have almost 2 out of 3 reference points here.

Grade C fakes (with other cells) – for this type you may have 2 lottery tickets to draw: high current alternate cells and low current alternate cells. You may have variations from low current cells with all the stated capacity to high current cells with less capacity. The circuit can also vary in quality.

In the below case, a 9Ah battery has an actual capacity of 4Ah, because it’s using 1500mAh cells, but at least those support a good discharge current (I tested them and they were able to keep a load constantly throughout the discharge without overheating so they passed the current test).

So a battery like this one you can safely use even for high power stuff but it will still not beat an original 5Ah. You will end up spending the $ you give for an original 5Ah and get something below that. And this is a best case scenario situation. If the cells are not high current you may end up with a fire. For this specific one the actual electronics looked pretty solid, but the connectivity was poor (low quality wires, low thickness for the battery nickel stripe, poor welding. I’d rate those 1.5 /3.

Grade D fakes (with junk everything inside). I don’t have inside pictures of such type of a fake anymore (but will publish them if I will get my hands on another battery of this type); I have just some overall external pics to show you:

This is the worst fake battery I ever tested. It’s marked as 6Ah. It actually has 2 at most and it has low current cells. When I put this in my saw, it took about 6 seconds of usage to turn off. Absolute trash. You can only use this for extremely light torque. You get only disadvantages: fake cells (low current, very low capacity), junk internals (wires, stripes, etc) and a very cheap circuit that can fry at any moment. The rating for these would be 0.5 / 3. You can use them for testing if a tool starts up, but in most cases that’s about it.

Now that we covered enough fakes, let’s talk about the originals. I am putting below an original 9Ah battery so you can spot the differences by comparing it with the fake.

A few noticeable differences: the Milwaukee logo on the LED area, the shape of the LED indicators, the overall look from a side and most importantly the back side label. There you have multiple markings that prove the authenticity of the battery: the GMBH tag, the INR type of cell, the manufacturing date. Note here in regard to the INR markings that I also found what seemed to be original batteries with ICR (I’d consider these as Grade A batteries and the INRs as A+) markings and had original Sony cells inside , which are lower current than the Samsung cells but still fall under medium current category. It’s likely those were designed for usage in tools of up to medium power and they looked authentic by all criteria. It’s still go for INRs with Samsungs though. If anyone has any solid info on the possibly original ICRs, feel free to give some feedback.

That said, I’ll put here some more original labels so you can spot how they look.

Another thing to note is the screws type. The originals are like in the 3 pictures below, it’s a hex screw. The fakes can have any type, hex included, but also cross or others (recent fake 9Ah had cross screws).

This final ones are also original, this type of label from the right has been used widely until around 2019 when the QR code was added for some models. There’s one more type of label, similar to this one, but without the manufacturing date number. That is also original, but it’s for 2015 and earlier batteries. Quick update: I ‘ve added it to the left – as you can see, it still has INR tag but it’s on the label. There is no manufacturing date on the back. The manufacturing date can be determined by a special code which is written in the contacts area (I will not detail since these types are no longer use since 2015).

Now you should have an overall idea on fakes and what not to get. And please stop putting bad reviews on official sites due to using fakes. That contributes to lowering the reputation of originals and will only cause fakes to get even more spread and selling power.

If you encounter weird batteries that you are not sure about, don’t hesitate to drop a line here along with some pics and we’ll see what we deal with.

End note: I am not affiliated in any way with Milwaukee, DeWalt or any other tool manufacturer. I just use lots of their tools ranging from simple drills to chainsaw and I repaired many batteries so far so I’m quite familiar with many of the top or even mid range brands.

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The dark side of Windows (updates via p2p)

Windows now supports delivering updates via Peer to Peer (P2P). Let’s see what that means. If you have a company with let’s say 100 computers and low bandwidth, if very few of these computers managed to get their updates, they will then pass on the updates to the rest of the computers “near them”. At least in theory. We will see later what’s wrong in this scenario.

From a technical perspective we finally see p2p technology at work on large scale. That’s a good thing. I would really like to see more of this technology working. Imagine the possibilities of a P2P social network and what would it be capable of if correctly implemented; or of a video streaming system, even decentralized online gaming.

But let’s get back to the current issue and at our example. Let’s say 3 of these computers got their updates and then they are passing the updates to near-by computers. So far so good, the rest won’t need to consume internet bandwidth to do so. But his assumes those computers are actually near each other, which may not be every time correct. Windows detects this via IP geolocation, which is a mistake. If you have multiple company sites world wide (let’s say a few sites in China, Europe and US just to make things simple) you may use special connectivity technologies (like MPLS, SDWAN or others) that support tunnel links. You may end up with all computers exiting towards internet via the same main node (your datacenter with the best WAN link). That means all computers in China, Europe and US will exit the internet through the fastest node, let’s say Europe. Now, what Windows update will do is detect that all computers exit the internet in the same area, assume that they are neighbors and spread the updates between them. So the computers in China will exchange updates with the ones in Europe and with the ones in the US. That will overkill your bandwidth (WAN and tunnel) and cause general network slowness, possibly also lots of denies due to security policies and lots of corresponding logs.

So in the above scenario it’s best that you have on-site update servers that handle updates and turn off this feature; otherwise you’ll be slowed down a lot and you don’t know why.

That was one example of scenario where things will be worse. But that’s not the higher problem. The most important issue is the security side of things. Imagine an exploit done within a network that will compromise a computer with an attacker getting that specific computer to update the rest. You have the whole network under rogue control without the possibility of countering it in an efficient manner. Of course, there are mechanisms in place to prevent a thing like this, but don’t count on them to actually be realistic in practice. Microsoft had some epic update failures in the last 12 months. Just to name 2 of them: the printer nightmare patch that made quite many print servers fail to provide properly printing services to workstations and further, preventing normal adding of printers from print server to workstations and the very recent even worse one where KB5009624 (for Windows Server 2012R2 and a few others for more recent OS versions) practically broke Hyper-V causing none of the VM guests to be able to start. So imagine you schedule a few minutes of downtime to update a HV host and when update is done (usually these are done automatically at night when most people don’t work) you find yourself with no server being able to start and no quick obvious solution to fix this. The point is, Microsoft patching remains of poor quality, as it always has been and it’s not to be trusted.

That said, even worst things can happen. Think about a high end top level compromise. Anything can be expected. Since updates can run under TI (Trusted Installer) in case of compromise you will get a full Global assimilation of any Windows-based device on your network. And “bad” guys aside, this also gives Microsoft unprecedented control over any existing system with their OS installed. This is also not to be desired no matter you may or may not think now.

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Yes, there can be a large scale power outage ! Here is how.

I will quickly talk about the possibility of a power failure.

The possibility of an energy power-off has been taken into consideration by multiple countries since a long time ago, but this topic has become news again after the recent statement of Austria’s defense minister Claudia Tanner, which said the problem is not if there will be a power failure in Europe, but when it will be.

Of course, there have been multiple media voices that spoke to the contrary, that said it can’t happen because we have a good power grid in Europe, we have load balancing systems, redundancy, etc.

But let’s see how a power failure may actually occur.

1st, we have the test option, short term, maximum of 3 days, which would be a controlled shutdown with the purpose of making a social experiment. This can happen both in Europe and the US.

2nd, we have the possibility of limited local attacks. There are 2 options here: physical attack and cybernetic attack.

A physical attack happened relatively recently in Venezuela. Among other things, drones fitted with special metal stripes that can short-circuit the power lines were used.

A cyber-attack was in Ukraine in 2015. Phishing e-mails were used to infect the target systems in order to take control of them. The infiltrated systems were discovered only after 6 months, during which time the attackers could of done anything. Countries with old power grids are in luck here, because they are way less susceptible to cyber-attacks.

What I told you so far are ways that the power can go offline for a short to medium duration.

But there are some options that can turn off the grid for a very long time.

One of them is also a type of attack. A nuclear blast in the stratosphere or above, at the properly calculated altitude, can turn off the power on a whole continent. The generated electromagnetic pulse would fry all electronics in the target range.

In July this year, Chinese researchers warned their own government to increase the country readiness against such scenarios. Only 1 year before, US researchers warned that the Chinese army has the capability of executing such an attack.

The enormous destructive potential of this is known since 1962 when a test was made in the atmosphere with a thermonuclear bomb of 1.45 Mega Tons. It was detonated at 400km altitude above the Jonson atoll in the Pacific. At over 1500km range, in Hawaii, a large part of the power grid shut down and communications failed for a while.

Now imagine what range could cover a Tzar-class bomb, which has a destructive power of 50 Mega Tons.

The other option is one that can occur naturally.

A class X solar flare, powerful enough, with the direction of propagation towards Earth, would have the same devastating effect.

We have plenty of precedents here also. Let’s look at a few:

In 1967 the US almost started a nuclear war believing that the Soviets are attacking them. The Americans thought they are being jammed by very advanced tech. The cause of the jam was a solar storm.

In 1972, a solar flare reached Earth in just 14.6 hours. The TV signal interrupted and even mines used in the Vietnam war detonated.

In 1989 there was a category X15 solar flare that after 3 days caused a geomagnetic storm. Due to this storm the power was offline in Quebec.

There are more such examples, but the conclusion of researchers is clear: solar manifestations are capable of shutting down the power grid on Earth if the necessary prerequisites are met.

As you see, there are options that can bring down the power grid. So, be aware, if you consider that you may need electricity in the case it’s turn off everywhere, start taking measures.

Now you are informed, you’re in power.

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Covidul omoară limba română

«««Ca in multe alte situații unde s-au împrumutat cuvinte din limba engleză fără să fie necesar (spre exemplu capabilitate, altă monstruozitate) agramații disfuncționali au mai scos una: „distanța socială. Expresia a fost introdusă în limbajul public oficial de către președintele desemnat al României.

«««Expresia „Distanțare socială” este o aberație semantică și lingvistică. Sintagma vroia să inducă ideea distanțării fizice, interpersonale, nu „sociale”.  Formularea standard debitată în toate mass media formatată si retardată este ceva de felul: „cetățenii trebuie să păstreze distanța socială de 1,5-2 metri”. Dar „idioții analfabeți utili” nu au habar, din cauza ignoranței și a lichelismului lor, că distanța socială nu se măsoară în metri, ci în ranguri, în categorii sociale situate pe scara ierarhiei societății. Deci avem așa ceva în limba română, dar are cu totul alta semnificație. Se referă la păturile sociale. Așa cum era diferență între țărani și grofi, cum e acum între sclavi și aia care conduc țara spre dezastru.
„Distanțarea socială” se realizează și se manifestă atunci cînd un fiu/fiică de țăran, cioban, sclav sau orice asemănător ajunge printr-o minune medic, academician sau pe orice poziție respectabilă, recunoscută. Daca nea Ion ajunge academician din familia de țărani, se poate spune ca Ion s-a îndepărtat, s-a distanțat de starea socială la care au rămas părinții săi țărani, ajungînd într-o clasă socială de un rang mai înalt în ierarhia socială, aceea a intelectualilor sau specialiștilor. Se poate spune astfel că apărut o distanță socială între genitori și descendenți, în cazul de fața între Ion si familia sa.
Asta înseamna bai boivacilor „distanțare socială”.

«««La noi „idioții analfabeți utili” au luat „social distance” din engleză, au băgat-o pe net la traducere automată și a ieșit ce s-a văzut.

«««„Furculision”, mon idiot ?!

«««Expresia „distanța socială” a fost introdusă în limbajul public oficial de către președintele desemnat al României, Klaus Werner Iohannis, prin discursurile confecționate de „idioții analfabeți utili” pe care i-a strîns în preajma sa. Și i-a tot dat cu „distanța socială” în toate comunicatele prezidențiale, în toate discursurile guvernamentale, în toate ordonanțele pseudo-„militare“ și în toate mijloacele de propaganda de pe ecranele tuturor televiziunilor și nu numai.

«««Mai țineți minte Ziua incompetenţei ? Pai de atunci (2017) pînă acum,  premiantul ramîne același.

«««Limba Română face parte din Patrimoniul Național, care ne definește identitar ca popor, națiune și stat. Nu vă mai bateți joc de ea !

«««Ar mai fi destule de spus, dar am vrut să las ceva scurt și la obiect. Voi detalia ceva aspecte derivate cu alta ocazie.


«««Nota redacției: “î”-urile sînt intenționate, ca să nu comenteze vreun bouvac.


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How Emperor Palpatine actually won at the end of Star Wars Episode 9

Most of you that have seen Star Wars Episode 9 probably thought that Emperor Palpatine was finally defeated and destroyed and the Light side won. You are TOTALLY WRONG if you think that !
Everything happened exactly how the Emperor wanted and foreseen !

To understand this, we will make a comparison to what Valkorion/Vitiate/Tenebrae did.

“Valkorion is an ancient Sith entity with the power to possess and control the bodies of others, using them as puppets to enforce his will on the galaxy. The Immortal Emperor is his latest mask and Zakuul his greatest, most ambitious endeavor: an idealistic playground where he can shed his past and experience a new life unburdened by archaic Sith teachings. A manipulative survivor, Valkorion pinpoints the weaknesses of both friends and enemies alike, twisting them to serve his purpose. He believes the entire galaxy is his to shape and will stop at nothing to reach his goals.” SWTOR codex.

Valkorion was an alias of the former Sith Emperor, Vitiate, used as a conduit to create a new faction more powerful than the one he left behind. His new body was a Human male who was the Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Empire during and after the fall of the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire.

Darth Vitiate led the Sith at the height of their power and was one of the most powerful force sensitive beings in the universe, his power allowed him to destroy an entire planet in exchange for immortal life. His master as a child was Marka Ragnos who took him as his apprentice after the boy killed his Father.

Ragnos sensed great potential in him and gave Vitiate control of the planet Nathema which he eventually destroyed in exchange for never ending life. After Ragnos died instead of challenging for his throne Vitiate disappeared and began plans to build his own empire. On the lost world of Drommund-Kaas Vitiate established his new empire. Over the thousands of years he orchestrated the Mandolorian wars which led to him turning Revan and Malak to the dark side and then sent them to terrorize the galaxy once more.

Emperor Palpatine wanted to do a very similar thing: to re-emerge as immortal, but within Ray’s body. In order for that to happen, he had to get rid of his old body and make a sacrifice in a similar manner to Tenebrae did to increase his power. That was the purpose of all the followers. But Ray seems like she was already possessed by the Jedi, as she clearly stated in the final confrontation. Even so, that presents no problem whatsoever. Palpatine intentionally let her redirect back his Force-lightning in order
to sacrifice his old body. The result was also the sacrifice of the followers he had there, so his plan went … exactly how he planned. The sacrifice was make, his essence was transferred to Ray and he became stronger due to the followers being sacrificed. That along would turn the balance towards the Sith, now that both Sith and Jedi struggle for influence over Ray.

The above brings us to the scene of the Yellow lightsaber. Yellow, being a spectral color made out of 50% red and 50% green, would actually represent balance. This confirms what I said above, that she is possessed by both Sith and Jedi. Since the Jedi ‘infected’ her first, of course they will initially have more control, fact confirmed by her stating that she is a “Skywalker” and by the fact that Jedi Ghosts appear. But the Jedi Ghosts scene is designed with the ghosts on one side and free space on the other. Guess what the free space is for ? Well, it’s for Sith. In time, Jedi will start to lose ground, a balance of power will be achieved. At that time, inside Ray a dual-personality will develop and she will be faced with an impossible struggle. She inevitably will become unstable and angry and the Sith side will gain more ground. In addition to that, all the dark energy of the sacrifice of the followers will add to the dark side’s power and the dark side will gain more ground and finally win in the battle for Ray’s possession. At that point, she will turn into a Sith, just like in the vision she had.

P.S. Who do you think the old lady at the end is ?


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How Arstechnica tech site turned into a vaccine propaganda machine – [En]

      Arstechnica ( use to be a good tech information site, articles were actually relevant to what’s happening on the market and the tech news covered things pretty well.

      That until 2016 at which point they started to put up articles promoting vaccination. The articles are propagandistic in nature and try to enforce that vaccination is good.
When I started seeing the articles I wondered what are they doing on such a site since the subject of vaccination has nothing to do with the nature of the site. The more they put up there, the more suspect things were. After starting reading the comments things became clear: it was pure propaganda. It appears that those articles were there because they got payed and/or forced to do so. There is no other reason for such coverage to exist. Suddenly, the moderators became obsessed with bashing and banning any opinion that tried to counter their propaganda articles and comments. They allowed meatbags that sustained their propaganda to bash anyone at anytime that did not agree with their brain-washed view on things while banning all users on the other camp, even veteran users that contributed to the site in the tech-related area. No arguments did matter, only the enforcement of their view and elimination of anything contrary.

      I will not talk about freedom of speech aspects, but rather about honor. If you want to enforce a specific view on something while not listening to any arguments whatsoever you are just an honor-less oppressor, no matter how you look at it. Not even intel’s or AMD’s forums banned independent research and benchmarks about the other’s CPUs, while Arstechnica made propaganda on an off-topic subject and banned all the opposition.

      They were contacted about banning people unfairly and of course they did not had the decency to answer.

      On their ‘about’ page, we find things like:
“The company pushed the ideals of transparency and community before these were buzzwords. It is these ideals that have kept the company growing since its birth, and readers can expect more of the same in the future.”
This is now a complete lie. There is no transparency. There’s tyranny.

      “The new website, www[.]arstechnica[.]co[.]uk, and its dedicated editorial team, will focus on stories from the UK and Europe, consolidating Ars Technica’s global remit of influential, impartial coverage of all things technology.”
Influential, definitely…as many other bad influences out there. How is it impartial if you only sustain one side in a debate and ban all that are on the other ?
You have no honor, Ars. You are dead in the eyes of people that actually can think for themselves and don’t instantly comply with your propaganda.

      “We encourage reader feedback and participation in conversation via discussion on every article, as well as in the renowned Ars OpenForum—one of the Internet’s true treasure troves, and one of the largest, documented community databases of tips, technical help, and camaraderie on the planet.”
Well now this certainly is a pure lie. You guys either lack proper moderators and hired some bored kids to do the job or the initial assumption is true: you got payed to do propaganda. Either way, instead of allowing arguments and proof, you spawn your propaganda and ban anyone trying to challenge it.

      Their ‘about’ page even becomes very strange at the end. There’s a purely arrogant sentence there and if you take some of it out of context you get a nice subliminal saying ‘Knowledge is nothing.’
Well, that end it clearly. Of course when you have become corrupted knowledge is nothing. All that matters is to spread your propaganda.
      And they also quote Hippocrates in there. The irony…

      Here’s what happened now, Ars: you just got banned from multiple high level tech communities and multiple social media groups that promote freedom of speech and argument-based debates on any subject. You are also blacklisted in many fake-news filters.

      Keep spreading your propaganda to your formatted meatbags. Wise people don’t buy it anyway. You are now declared an enemy of the free speech and the right to free unrestricted information access. Be happy with your formatted herd.
      May you rest in pieces, it’s been nice reading you from time to time, at least until 2016.

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Boi si Vaci Episodul 8: Ati votat, boivacilor ?!

        Si cum ati facut dragi boi si vaci ?
Ati fost la vot si v-ati mai si laudat cu asta ?
Bravo, v-ati sapat singuri mai adanc groapa. Nu ca ar conta mare lucru ce ati votat, ca oricum era presatabilita schema dinainte, dar le-ati dat legitimitate si mai mare opresorilor.

        De partea cu referendumul nici nu are rost sa discutam in detaliu. Pracic Ohanis a vrut sa-si faca reclama pentru alegerile urmatoare. Asta a fost scopul. Nu conta nici ce rezultat iese nici cati participa. Ca sa putem discuta pe cat de nefolositoare este intrebarea ar trebui ca voi, boivacii, sa intelegeti care este diferenta intre condamnati pentru infractiuni de coruptie si condamnati pentru infractiuni asimilate faptelor de coruptie. De ce gogul Ohanis a pus doar prima categorie in intrebare ? Pai va dau eu raspunsul: pentru ca scopul nu era rezolvarea problemei coruptiei ci propria reclama. De cealalta intrebare 3-in-1 chiar nu are rost sa mai discut ca-s altele mai importante de abordat.

        Hai sa vedem: aseara in top 3 erau aproape la egalitate: PSD, PNL si USR – adica hotii (pe care ii injura lumea ca ‘se poarta asta’), hotii incompetenti (pe care i-a uitat lumea ce tampiti au fost, CDR-ul fiind cea mai dezastruoasa guvernare de dupa ’89 in Romania) si tradatorii incompetenti .
        Despre tradatorii incompetenti de la USR (Uniunea Sugerii Romaniei, cum i-am numit eu) trebuie sa discutam mai mult. Acestia sunt niste personaje sustinute din afara care au ca scop direct distrugerea cat mai eficienta a Romaniei. Toti au fost pre-programati si bine formatati de Aspen Institute, care este una din organizatiile care are ca obiectiv ‘Sugerea’ tuturor tarilor din zona noastra si alinierea lor la Globalizare si Religia Unica Mondiala. Cu Ciolos in frunte, astia: Dragois Pislaru, Dragos Tudorache, Valeriu Nicolae, Oana Toiu, Oana Popescu au fost si/sau sunt pe felie cu Aspen Institute. Gasim parte din legaturi si in CV-urile lor. Si ca tot veni vorba de CV-uri, hai sa le vedem incompetenta:

Ciolos chiar pe site la Aspen

Alin Mituta

Dragos Tudorache

Dragos Pislaru

Ramona Strugariu

Liviu Iolu

Oana Toiu

Oana Popescu

Valeriu Nicolae

        Sugatorii astia s-au batut cu capacele de WC in piept ca ei sunt cinstiti, ca nu fura, ca nu etc. Pai Aspein Institute asta te invata ca program principal: cum sa furi si sa jefuiesti o tara de la A la Z, astfel incat sa dispara efectiv din existenta ca si tara si sa ramana practic un teritoriu gol si controlat de capigtalistii hoti si banditi de top cu voi, boivacii, ca sclavi practicanti.

        Nu are rost sa continuam cu multe altele pentru ca treaba e complet clara: USR este cel mai mare rau posibil pentru Romania.

        Iar voi, boivacii care ati fost la vot, va meritati soarta si sugerea. Da, o s-o sugeti rau ca i-ati votat p-aia. Asta e. Acu’ nu va sinucideti ca si daca nu i-ati fi votat, tot ar fi iesit. Am mai explicat: ce avem azi este o selectie, nu o alegere. Ala e planul: distrugerea toturor marilor partide si preluarea controlului total de opresorii care au ca scop principal distrugerea tarii. Cu USR acesti opresori vor face cu Romania ce tot incearca din ’90 si nu le-a iesit. Odihneasca-se in bucatele ! O sa aiba ei grija sa dispara si ultimele legi care mai apara minimul posibil de drepturi al cetateanului din tara.

        Planul de care zic mai mult se pregateste din timp prin mijloace psihologice si propagandistice. Voi, boivacii, sunteti formatati sa puneti botul. Apoi ei fac selectia, voi cu botul pus nu comentati nimic si credeti ca ati ales ceva. E… teapa. Prin aceleasi mijloace prin care USL a fost promovat in decursul ultimului an, pun pariu ca daca as promova ceva de genul ca Hitler a fost cel bun nu cel rau din al doilea razboi mondial, peste 50% din boivaci la un sondaj ar fi de acord cu noua viziune asupra lui Hitler (si ca sa va dau de gandit, nu afirm ca n-ar fi asa). Cam asa functioneaza sistemul actual. Daca nu pricepeti asta in numar suficient de mare incat sa il puteti combate…asta e, o sugeti. Si se pare ca suptul va place, ca in loc sa o scoateti din gura, voi doar cereti alta aroma. Cand intra prea adanc si va saturati de aroma, alegeti alta aroma sau reveniti la una mai veche, doar sa nu mai simtiti gustul celei actuale. E, uite ca acum incepe sa va ajunga in gat si n-o sa mai puteti s-o scoateti deloc, nici pentru pauze de respirat.

        Problema principala din p.d.v. politic in Romania este una singura: lipsa unui partid puternic nationalist. Atata timp cat 75% din romani s-au impartit intre hoti, incompetenti si tradatori, nu-i de mirare unde s-a ajungs. Si pe langa astia 75%, si mare parte din restul tot in aceasi galeata se gasesc. La astfel de participanti, ar fi trebuit sa fie minim 75% din voturi anulate intentionat. Dar si daca ar fi fost, nu s-ar fi declarat ca asa e.

        Intre timp, in Franta pe primul loc a iesit partidul nationalist. Bravo Franta ! Este in momentul asta singura tara din UE unde exista sansa sa se intample ceva benefic. Au sansa sa scape de sistemul opresiv. Doar ca nu e deloc usor…asta nu se va putea face prin alegeri…ci cu parul in mana si pumnul strans, asa cum ei procedeaza deja. La protest nu te duci sa citesti ziarul si sa spargi semnite in timp ce injuri un partid sau un bouvac (adica tratezi efectul nu cauza), cum e la noi, ci te duci sa iti exprimi vointa cu privire la ceva si sa ai niste revendicari clare, pentru care va trebui probabil sa si lupti, deci implicit trebuie sa fii gata sa faci asta. Asta au facut in Franta si pentru asta merita stima si respect ! Restul tarilor UE sunt niste ramasite corcite pline de lasitate si sclavi indoctrinati, cu foarte foarte putine exceptii. (Nota: cei doi de foarte cu apropos la rata cu care-i foloseste foarte des Ohanis.)

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The real reasons why smart-phone batteries die so fast – [En]

        I think most of you smart-phone users wondered at a point why smart-phone batteries last too little and die very fast. Well, let’s take each case.

        Reasons they drain very fast

    1. Intentionally-made high power hardware. All smart-phone components drain a lot of power compared to their power sources. A smart-phone battery is double or triple the size and double or triple the capacity of a classic mobile phone battery and it last in average 3 times less. So we got a 6:1 ratio at best – that is exceptionally bad.

    2. Uncontrolled Software. Of course, any software that constantly uses a lot of hardware resources will drain more power, so that help killing the battery a lot. And most of the high-drain software is there by default and cannot be disabled. The rest of the applications that are installed over time contribute too, but the base is already there. And no, app-killer apps don’t usually help because they actually drain power terminating other applications and then these respawn, get again terminated and so forth.

    There are 2 things that can be done. Hardware modding of the phone will significantly help. More exactly, reducing CPU voltage. The procedure is called Undervolting and you can find tutorials on that depending on you exact phone model. CPU volt modding can double battery life. Try it.

    For the second part (the software), if you really want to control your smart-phone, its best to replace that android OS with something open-source. Tzien, Plasma Mobile, Librem, PostmarketOS or LineageOS are all open-source alternatives. Test them, choose one and stick with it. If you actually control what runs on your phone, you control what drains your power.

    Try the above and with good SW and HW control you can end up with 4 times the duration per charge for your battery.

        Reasons they die very fast

    1. Default Over-charge and over-drain. All smart-phones today overcharge the batteries. The standard full-charge chemical specification of Lithium-based batteries is 4.2V. This is the maximum value you should charge a Lithium-based battery in order not to damage it. You cannot change this, it’s chemistry. It happens the same no matter what. What you can do is optimize a manufacturing process so the result is less destructive. Over time, the smart-phone manufacturers started to cheat on the battery. They overcharge it in order to label it with extra capacity and they do not care that the battery dies very fast. Initially, they were only going towards 4.3V at full charge but now-days they even exceeded 4.4V at full charge. Just like over-clocking CPUs. The actual 4.2V value is now at around 80% at a smart-phone’s indicator. Another trick is to over-drain them; that also works. Initial drain Li-Ion value in the original specifications is 3.3V. Now many consider 3.0V the 0% capacity value, which is also cheating. They did not go too far with over-draining because at low voltage the battery will no longer sustain enough current to power-on the device and there’s nothing they can do there. But over-charging won’t stop you device to work, it can only set on fire the battery, so this is the limit currently pushed.

Here’s how they fake-increased the capacity, graphically represented:

The initial usable interval was 3.3V to 4.2V and now it’s being extended to 3.0V to 4.4+V Basically, more capacity, more battery damage. Any older Li-Ion battery or cell can be over-charged or over-drained but that’s not good for them.

    2. The other contributing factor to the damage is temperature. Li-Ion at high temperature takes damage. You can safely use it in Siberia but not in the Sahara desert in day-time. There is nothing that can be done about this. You heat-up Li-Ion, it will take damage. You keep it cool, it will last long. See my previous cryo recovery article about the temperature issues.

    What you can do to extend battery life is not to fully charge or fully discharge your phone battery. In fact, manufacturers count on the fact that you’ll plug it in before completely drained and un-plug it earlier because you’re in a hurry. So, if you want to have a long life for your battery, disconnect it at 81% charge and do not let it drain under 15%.

    Charging conditions and charge current is also a factor, but I won’t go into this one now as it’s less important the the other factors.

    – Update (20190215) –

    I just installed out of curiosity on a J’series smart-phone a largely used battery monitoring application (AccuBattery). In the application, there are calculations stating that if I charge the battery to 80% it has over 5 times less wear than if charging to 100%. The over-charge ‘cheat’ is now confirmed by other independent sources.

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12 Slot Li-Ion Charger made out of scrap – [En]

        My objective was to build a multi-slot Li-Ion charger from mostly scrap and unused stuff.

        The only parts that I needed to purchase are the TP4056 circuits which are around $1.5 each. They support 1A charge rate, which is perfect for my needs.

What I already had (what you will need):
– an old Computer PSU with functional 5V rail (you don’t need the 12V rail to be functional, only the 5V one). This provides sufficient current for 12 cells (12A in total). If the PSU does not support enough current, the wires will overheat, the voltage will drop too much from 5.0V and the circuits will start to flash the red LEDs.
– wood (for the case construction – you could pick a better looking piece if you’re into aesthetics)
– wooden screws (shorter than 1cm for contacts and longer than 6cm for the box) and washers that fit
– springs (recycled from old 6V large flashlight batteries – I used washers here too for better contact, but the springs are good enough on their own to make proper contact)
– copper wire – thicker 1mm diameter for common and pairs of recycled-from-CAT5e-cable for the rest of the connections battery-side (should provide 1.5A per pair, which is enough for the purpose)
– plastic parts used for slot delimitation recycled from old notebook batteries
– plastic caps on the top contacts (looks better, keeps battery better in position, helps with contact fitting)

        Tools needed:
– cordless drill for faster work (low power enough, you don’t need the top tools)
– soldering tools and materials (standard for any electronic works)

– 4h if you know very well what you’re doing and you planned well initially (I wasted a few extra minutes to switch positions for 4 of the circuits because I had 4 with blue LEDs and 8 with green LEDs and put randomly it looked bad, so I set them up as 4G-4B-4G, but that was after the initial completion of the charger)
– 8h if you need to adapt and improvise

        Time interval is considered everything from cutting the needed wood to powering up the charger.

        Part of the initial planning, given the size of my initial wood piece to be used as main case body, I calculated that there will be space for 12 slots for 18650-type cells. Based on that, I ordered the 12 circuits.

        I did some initial measurements and testing to see how things would fit generally. Distance between cells and distance between spring and upper contacts was generally fine, considering it was mostly eye-determined:
Initial size test

        I though that the cells would need a little space between them in case there are some with thicker case and to prevent heat transfer between them. So the same plastic parts I used as a trick to properly align them:

        Then, so the cells will fit nice into place, I arranged the plastic parts as needed and glued them there. This helps them stay aligned and not touch each other.
Plastic slots

        On the battery side, both + and – wires are connected separately for each cell. The UTP pair is sufficient for the required current:

        Then, I pulled them through to the other side where the circuit boards will be (I used 1.5mm drill for the holes, which was enough for the pairs to get through):

        After this step I used an ohmmeter to test if all contacts are good to go. Everything was fine, no short-circuits or any bad connections.

        Then, I soldered the circuit boards:

        On the side, I added the PSU connector:

        Now all I needed were the 2 main power wires and connections between them and the boards. I also partially aligned the circuits so that that the indicator LEDs land on the middle of the cell.
Here are the main rails and the circuits connected to them:

        I added a digital volt-meter to make it look more bomb-like (it’s nice, the more cells you add, the more the general voltage drops):

        Finally, I connected everything to the hot-wired PSU and did the first the practical test – all worked as planned:

        Primary objective achieved; I can now use the charger. What’s good about this charger is that the circuits have no over-discharge protection so I can use it to recover over-discharged cells 12 at a time.

        As a bonus later on, I’ll add a capacitor or 2 since there’s some available space near the voltage indicator and I’ll make a nice wooden outer case. I’ll update this later on.

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Windows Fail Creators Update – [En]

Although very few users actually stated that there have been improvements after updating it, I named the update in the title this, because the following may occur when you make an attempt at it:

      Critical/Severe Bugs:

Missing files during installation generates the 0x80073712 error message while trying to install the Windows 10 Fail Creators Update. Great. An installer that does not have the files needed to complete itself.

Critical driver not compatible: 0x800F0923 error message indicates that an app or driver isn’t compatible with the upgrade process. Or so they say. Usually, it’s the graphics driver. In order to declare some older video cards as ‘incompatible’, W10 removes the latest official driver and install a less functional one.

General installation errors: Error: We couldn’t complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don’t turn off your computer. / Error: Failure configuring Windows Updates. Reverting changes.
These errors are general messages that usually appear as you try to install a “quality update” as well as during a “feature update”.

Your installation may not re-activate Windows activate after the update and you will see the Windows not activated message with a 0x803F7001 error in the Settings app.

During the upgrade process, when the computer reboots to continue the installation, suddenly the 0xc00000bb error message may appear. This apparently is caused in some ASUS MBs in combination with Samsung SSDs.

BKSOD – As you go through the upgrade process or after installing the Windows 10 Fail Creators Update, there is a chance that you may end up with a black screen.

During the upgrade process to, the installation starts and after the device reboots, users may get a black screen with loading animation. The installation never completes.

On Windows Central, sometimes the 0x80070490 – 0x20003 error can occur when trying to upgrade to the Windows 10 Fail Creators Update using the Media Creation Tool, which causes the process to roll back to the previous version.

Windows 10 Fail Creators Update also installs a new version of Microsoft Edge that includes a number of ‘stuff’. However, users may constantly experience Microsoft Edge freezes while browsing the web.

You may get that your system does not meet the minimum requirements (0xC1900200 – 0x20008, 0xC1900202 – 0x20008) even if it does.

Windows 10 Fail Creators Update may declare your apps incompatible, generating the 0xC1900208 – 0x4000C error message, preventing the upgrade to complete successfully.

Windows 10 Fail Creators Update may break drivers, resulting in one of the following erros: 0xC1900101 – 0x20004; 0xC1900101 – 0x20017; 0xC1900101 – 0x2000c; 0xC1900101 – 0x30018; 0xC1900101 – 0x3000D; 0xC1900101 – 0x4000D; 0xC1900101 – 0x40017 (or other 0xC1900101 – errors).

Installation may fail due to lack of space and you will get an error similar to: 0x80070070 – 0x50011, 0x80070070 – 0x50012, 0x80070070 – 0x60000, 0x80070070. 0x80070008.

If you’re using a USB bootable media to do an in-place upgrade / clean installation with the Windows 10 Fail Creators update, the installation may fail due to it being unable to read the files on the installation media.

      Other Average Bugs:

After shutting down or restarting a device certain apps will reopen automatically during login with the Windows 10 Fail Creators Update.

If you were a participant in the Windows Insider Program and you upgraded to the Windows 10 Fail Creators Update using the latest preview, you may experience syncing problems with the Mail app or adding a new email account.

After installing the Fail Creators Update, some users have been reporting problems with the Microsoft Store app. In the Feedback Hub app, users are saying that the Store will no longer start correctly showing a “Something bad happened – Unknown layout specified in manifest” error message.

After ‘successfully’ upgrading to the Windows 10 Fail Creators Update, there is a chance that you may not be able to connect to the internet, or you may experience a very slow connection using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet adapter.

After upgrading to the Windows 10 Fail Creators Update, a number of users have been reporting a few problems with the Start menu. Users have been complaining about app icons and Live Tiles are missing, and even doing a search icons won’t come up in the result, but apps are still installed and working. Also, a few other people have said that the Start menu is simply not working after installing version 1709.

After installing the Windows 10 Fail Creators Update, you may notice in the Start menu, more specifically in the All apps list that one more app entries show up with the “ms-source:AppDisplayName”.

After installing the Windows 10 Fail Creators Update, every time you start your device the touch keyboard may automatically appear on-screen after signing in.

Starting with the Fail Creators Update, Windows 10 introduces native support for emoji but only for the US. for the rest… nothing. But you can bypass-get them if you really want.

OneDrive File On-Demand (new feature included with the Windows 10 Fail Creators Update) may be missing.

Trying to use the Media Creation Tool to upgrade to the latest release of Windows 10, may stuck your system at trying to download updates before the installation begins.

Error 0x80190001 may occur when trying to download the new feature update using Windows Update.

During the installation process of a new update, you may get an error that will prevent Windows Update from installing the latest version.

Error 0x800F0922 may occur, if communication with Microsoft update servers has a problem, or if there is not enough available space in the System Reserved partition.

Most of the above are fixable… but still… too much can go wrong.

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