How to enable MLAA on Radeon 5000 series – [En]

The Catalyst 10.10a drivers come with Morphological AA support, but it’s only enabled for the Radeon 6000 series.
As I initially assumed, it can also be enabled on the 5000 series.

To do that, first get the file provided here: MLAA inf file .
Make sure you unpacked or installed the CCC driver.
Then unzip that file from the link and then go to
and to
and replace the C7106976.inf in these locations with the new one.

Now reinstall Catalyst directly from \Packages\Drivers\ and reboot.
You should have the Morphological AA option in CCC:
MLAA Option

Enjoy !

-Later Update-
On the more recent sub-version of the driver the file is named C7107195.inf.

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