Star Trek Online: how to be a billionare Ferengi – [En]

MMOs don’t have a nice big final objective like single player games, so the actual objective here is to the best items available at a point. That’s why they are such a big waste of time.
I did not had and still don’t have the time to actually play this game as it supposed to e played, so I had to make everything ultra-quick by not wasting any time.

Star Trek Online is very user friendly regarding this matter – the first best thing about it. All new tiers of items are not better than the previous ones, but they’re actually more or less equivalent.
So becoming high end in regard to equipment is not at all difficult.

The following guide will tell you some nice stuff that will make your progress quite fast and make you Ferengi-rich.
The guide is intended for players that are a little familiar with the game mechanics, but useful info can be found even by the fresh victims that are totally new to the game.

As most of you should know, the game uses Energy Credits as main currency, followed by dilithium and zen.
Let me tell you an important secret: Energy Credits will actually be the currency of the future. It is inevitable. No matter if on side or the other wins (the oppressors or the freedom fighters), the currency will be the same, as the struggle for resources becomes more and more hard.
Getting back to the game’s currency. At first, it may seem unrealistic to have and spend dozens of millions of EC as some players you will see do.
But fear not, it is possible, and it is possible very fast.

Note that I’m regarding matters for a free to play perspective. Having money invested in zen does not make you better. It will only give you some stuff faster.
And that’s the second best thing in this game. You can play for free and get absolutely everything the payers get, only difference being that you will have to work a little for that.
With EC you can buy a lot of things, but they’re not good when it comes to end game high tier gear.
Reputation gears need reputation marks and dilithium. Fleet gear, which is not better or worse than reputation gears, needs about half the dilithium and fleet marks in addition.

Dilithium may be the most precious thing for free players, since with it you can buy zen, and with zen you can do various unlocks and get the stuff the ones that invested money into the game do.

The following stuff you will need to produce in this game:

– Energy Credits
– Dilithium (implicitly zen)
– Fleet Marks (implicitly Fleet Credits)
– Reputation Marks

Before continuing, if you’re not a level 50 player, don’t worry about it. You can get from 1 to 50 in one day. Just play the single player missions.
They are diverse enough not to be boring, and some actually have a pretty good storyline (like the species 8472 canon).


Therefore, to make EC, first make sure you’re level 50 (although not mandatory) and then go to a farming Foundry mission and start making EC.
A farming mission is a mission where dozens of ships spawn in a raw, and you kill them for the items dropped.
A good farming mission will give you at least 500k EC in items (yes, that’s a 10-minute half-million). Also, a good farming mission will spawn ships with no shields, so they will be killed a lot more easy.
This will help you make a decent amount of EC so you can survive your needs.
Just remember rule of aquisition #3: Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to. Don’t spend your EC on junk. Keep them for when you will truly need them (yes, I will tell you when is ‘when’). And don’t spend anything until you’re L50.
Another way to make EC is the Xchange. Buy cheap, sell very expensive. This does require some time and some transactioning knowlegde, but it can make you very, very rich, without you fireing a shot. Peace is good for business, after all (RoA #35).

Secret: Xchange prices vary with time. This is time-zone related. Basically, an item worth 10k can be worth 20k or can be purchased for 5k 8 o 12 hours later. Learn to sync. You will make EC out of nothing, just like the world banks do.
Remember that opportunity plus instinct equals profit (RoA #9).

Secret: the delta point. The delta point is the point prices of an item start to jump a lot higher. I’m not gonna explain where the name comes from or other boring stuff. I’ll give you a pratial example:
You search for an item and the fists entries are 9k,10k,10k,11k,12k,12k EC and the next ones start with 20k EC and continue on.
What you have to do here is buy all items up to 20k and re-post them in Xchange at 19.999 EC. That way, they will still be listed frst, but you will make again EC out of nothing. All the difference and profit will be yours.
This applies to any price level. Yes, if a ship is 80 million EC and 10 more are 100 million and above, you buy it, repost it at 99.9 million and make almost 20 million profit.
You must be careful tho’. Items of lower value may be posted so the trick wont work 100% of the times, but there the instinct part form the above listed rule comes in. Use it wisely.
Now, once you have their money, you never give it back (RoA #1). Remember, dont spend your EC on useless junk !
Keep your ears open (RoA #7), because a lot of things you may need are sold outside the Xchange usually at a more convenient price. But remeber to hear all and trust nothing (RoA #190). Don’t let other players trick you into buying over-piced items. Always check the Xchange price and only buy if the price is lower by at least 20% compared to the cheapest Xchange listed specific item.


Dilithium can initially seem hard to obtain. Not true. If you’re a Klingon, fight. Do some missions that drop 960 dil per run. There are a few of them. Also, after the Dyson rep system was added, dil can be made quite well on the Spire battle-zone (you will kill dinos for profit).
War is good for business (RoA #34), so remember to fight the most profitable battles.

Secret: you can make dil by doing nothing. This is done my using the above abundant EC to buy contraband. Then you turn in stacks of contraband for 2k dil / turn-in. doing that every 4 hours will stock you up with more than the 8.5k dil you can process per day. You will need 20 contraband to make your daily dil quota in this way

Secret: you can also make additional dil from standard duty officer missions. Some missions can drop 500, 350, 250 or 50 dil. So just with a few clicks every 4/6/8 or 12h (depending of mission timer) you can stock up more dil with no investment needed.

Now, after you’ve made enough dil (enough is a matter of perspetive), you will be able to also gen zen. The X-change rate is not at all favorable (around 135 dil per 1 zen) but it offers you access to zen and all the goodies that come with having it.

The first thing you must absolutely unlock with zen is the EC 10 million limit. This will increase your EC cap to 1 billion. It’s mandatory need if you want to make EC.
Also, I recommend increasing the duty officer roster limit with at least 100 per character. It will help you at the ‘get everything by doing nothing’ thing.
Other than that, you’ll have to decide for yourself where your credits go.

[Fleet marks/credits]
You need them for converting them into Fleet Credits, that you use to get your fleet items.
At start, they may seem hard to obtain, but it’s not at all hard.

Remember that the most profitable way to produce FCs is by converting FMs into them.
To make FMs, apply the same rule as with dil: run the most profitable fights. Some can barely get 20, some can get you aobe 60. So choose your time investment wisely.
Also, if you have enough EC to invest, it’s worth getting some items so you fill up fleet projects with them. You should only bother with the ones that give more than 1:8 item/fleet credit.

Secret: you can make FMs by doing nothing, of course. Once you complete the duty officer ranking, you will notiecd that raking points do not stop at 100k (the rank 4 equivalent) but go up to 150k.
That is because what’s above 110k you can convert to Fleet Marks. You can do that at a console at the Fleet Starbase. For each 10k pack you turn in, you’ll get 75 FMs.
Now imagine you not knowing this and having every doff commendation advancement at 150. 11 categories x 4 turns x 75 or 100 (crit) MKs/turn = 3300 to 4400 FM. That’s 165k to 220k Fleet Credits. You just made the FC needed to almost completely quip a ship with fleet items !
Dont bother with lower than level 12 fleet items. It’s not worth the Fc spent. WAit and get MK12s.

[Reputation marks]
RMs give you items that individually are not better than the fleet ones (except deflectors) but they are worth it due to the set bonus.
The set bonus can give you an ability that makes you overall stronger. So they’re a valid option to consider.
I’m not going into details; I’ll just tell you the same thing as above: marks efficiency.

For Omega marks, infected conduit elite can drop over 100 omegas if properly done. So I’d go for this one for omegas. You wont mind the 960 either.
This is the best thing to do while you also need omega marks.

For Nukara marks, crystaline entity elite is your friend. When you no longer need nukaras, you can still do it for the dil and get fleet marks instead.

Those 2 should be done with priority each time you want to try something space-based and time-efficient.

For Romulan marks, space is not a good option. It’s too time consuming and inefficient. The Elachi mission that was viable for Romulan marks is gone, so best way to make those is to go to New Romulus and do the tagging mission.

for Dyson marks, it’s kind of different from the rest. Just go to the Sphere and do the daily. It’ll give you plenty of everything needed.

Note: To complete all Reputation systems you actually need a little over a month, so it’s nothing exaggerated. The new sponsorship system helps your new characters actually rep-up in half that time, given you have the rep systems completed on another one.
Secret: Xchange is your friend. Get all items you need to keep up the projects there.

The biggest secret of making general currency in this game: This would allow you to make at least 10 million EC and more than 8k dil daily and without doing anything whatsoever.
Well, I’m not telling you this one. After all, no good deed ever goes unpunished (RoA #285).
You have everything you need to know to make you Ferengi eternal greed manifest itself 10 time easier.

P.S. Something true for this game that Ferengi wont agree on: Latinum is useless. Yes, the only actually useless game currency.

Additional note: since the delta expansion there have been heavy changes to the game on multiple aspects.
I will soon update this article.

[Update 2015.01]

Some updates were necessary since the introduction of Delta Rising expansion.

A big problem right now is that almost everything is broken in the game; we’ll talk about this later.

What’s new and important mentioning since I originally made this article:
– There are now MK14 items and epic (gold) items.
All MK12 purples still have their initial specs, reputation items included.
They can be upgraded to MK14 via the new research system
– The new research system allows item and upgrades creation.
– Dilithium is now very valuable since it is required for each applied upgrade.
– EC is also necessary to buy all mats that are nearly unavailable.
– Specialization points have been added
– Intelligence BOffs (with more types to come)
– Tier 6 ships with T5 upgradeable to T5U
– Experience has become the most important stuff, since its necessary for the new specialization system

– There are the new Delta and 8472 reputation systems
8472 Reputation
To get marks here, it’s best that you do ground Undine Infiltration. it’s easy to do, even on elite, and will grant you the necessary daily marks.

Delta Reputation
Fastest way to get the daily rep pack is to be in Delta Quadrant and do any patrol. 5 minutes, 80+ Delta rep points.

Specialization XP
XP may seem almost impossible to get.
Well, getting enough for a Cpt. Spec point would need 100 elite ground runs.
That doesn’t sound good, does it ?
The solution to XP is to do some Delta patrols which is very boring or enter a few times a day and do some DOffing.
There are missions that give 1.2k XP and can crit over 5k.
Klingons have some extra 1.2k ones that require contraband.
There are many that give between 300 and 600 and take 4-8h to do.
Also, in the star clusters/nebulas you will find some that need 1h and mats but reward high XP and some that take 15 minutes and also reward a lot of XP.
As a general rule, a DOff mission is XP-efficient if it gives at least 100XP per hour. So don’t do the ones that are below this value.
So just by a few clicks to activate some DOff missions, you can get 1/3-1/2 of Cpt. XP level. If you’re working on your PC and can afford to alt-tab to the game once in a while, you can even get a full level per day with the cost of only a few minutes of actual game time.

Now about the broken things – sad fact: except ground runs, everything was / is broken.

Purple mats needed for research/constructing upgrades: very unbalanced – while some mats can be obtained quite with ease, some are nearly impossible to get because of the broken space STFs.
Space STFs are currently unplayable. As I also explained in the STO forums, only super-equipped DPS players (i.e. plasma Scimitars) can actually do enough damage to complete a space STF.
This is due to the fact that the new difficulty levels actually mean exactly the same thing with ships that have tons of extra hit points. A Sphere now has 900k+ HP.
This is very bad for the game because it limits gameplay to DPS ships only. Any other type of ship build is useless even with epic MK14 items. For example, a fully MK14 equipped team of 5 balanced build ships cannot even scratch the DN on the BoK STF. Usually they do 3% damage to it, 5% if persistent.
Ship setups/ trays are not even now fully functional.
Exchange is still not fully functional.

So if you need stuff like Salvaged Technology, just do ground elite runs. They’re pretty doable even in MK12 gear. Station Defense, Nukara Trans, Undine Infiltration and the new Bug Hunt.
Station Defense can fail if engineers are not saved fast enough (happens to beginner teams) and Nukara if not enough DPs is done on time (happens to low DPS teams).
Other than that, you’re pretty fine. Also watch for the alarm bug on Bug Hunt, but most players are aware of it and won’t allow it to run.

So that’s what you need to do at this point in the game: ground elite runs for mats and DOffing for XP.

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12 Responses to Star Trek Online: how to be a billionare Ferengi – [En]

  1. Alek says:

    I dont agree with you, i know around 10~ players who grind latnium and get rich on faw days…

    • xaeus says:

      It depends on what you understand by ‘rich’.
      I guess you can put up a few hollow emitters up on x-change and hope that someone with too much EC will get one so you get a few mil, but that’s not a constant way to make EC.
      I don’t think you’ll be making hundreds of millions via Latinum.

  2. Slatclaruk says:

    Level 50 in a DAY , huh? I would like to see that, sunshine.
    You would need to complete most of the 50 or so episodes at 20 minutes a piece, and thats for an experienced player. I would estimate a newb taking around a full week of evenings to do this,starting with no resources.I remember doing it the first time round and there are several missions that are tricky to navigate,without prior knowledge.Its easy the 2nd or 3rd character round.

    • xaeus says:

      I stated that it is possible, not that any new player can do it.
      First of all, you do not require to complete any L50 episodes. Level up to 50 happens before you reach 2/3 of the total episodes for any faction.
      I did level up my Romulan character in under 12 hours (and not of continuous play). Yes, Q helped with the x2 XP, but it’s still a fact. Most missions for the experienced players take more time to navigate to objectives than to actually do something in them.
      Second, now-days things are becoming much more simple since you can find on the X-change MK 2-4-6-8-10 purple items at near recycler prices due to the new research introduced (everyone can make them). Practically you can be continuously purple-equipped with very little EC.

      • Slatclaruk says:

        I understand that, but the first time player seeking info here wouldnt. Purple gear shaves little off the mission run times, and TBH, its much better to sell everything you find on the way up and save the e.c. for Duty Officers (its roughly 2 million,since the craft/upgrade system,it used to be 4 mil).
        So a 1 day lvl 50 statement is very misleading for a first time player Booster packs and Q’s help will not be on the cards..

  3. Slatclaruk says:

    Also, latinum is not useless, its a sideline and can be farmed in your bank (kdf side) via a few cannibal tribbles. Tribble carcases can be turned in for 100 latinum each (kdf side) or sold on the exchange for e.c. It isnt a fortune, but requires no actual effort.There are various trade duty officer missions to swap Ltnm for E.C. Like I said, its no fortune but handy when starting from scratch.

  4. Slatclaruk says:

    Also, latinum is not useless, its a sideline and can be farmed in your bank (kdf side) via a few cannibal tribbles. Tribble carcases can be turned in for 100 latinum each (kdf side) or sold on the exchange for e.c.(either side) It isnt a fortune, but requires no actual effort.There are various trade duty officer missions to swap Ltnm for E.C. Like I said, its no fortune but handy when starting from scratch.The actual point of latinum is to buy ridiculous ferengi tat,just for the laugh.

    • xaeus says:

      Let’s be serious about it. Making EC via Latinum is the worst way possible to do it.
      All Duty Officer missions that drop EC drop nearly nothing. DOffing is good for a lot of other things, but not for making EC.
      Also carcases 4 Latinum is very unpractical considering that Daboo can drop 300 per turn. The only actually practical DOff mission I found is one where you can purchase prisoners for Latinum (for KDF), but then a tour of all near-DS9 sectors will fill up you brig in 2 hours.
      So if you’re into making EC or Top items, there’s no place for Latinum. If you’re into the little funny things, then it wouldn’t hurt to have some.
      Hopefully we will see some more uses for it eventually.
      If I were to add something, I would make some unique pirate items obtainable by Latinum only.
      As for the new player perspective, it would be a lot more efficient for him to kill a few sitting duck ships in a farming mission and make half a mil in half an hour.

  5. Slatclaruk says:

    Like I said, getting latinum for doing NOTHING, was built in as a sideline for a little bit of humor.
    I did state there are no fortunes in it. If you want to ignore that and play the game seriously, you would be concentrating on your pvp skills. New players have Nothing. I can remember those brick walls and catch 22’s. I could not get going. A purple mkxii phaser turret drop changed everything for me when i sold it for 3 million.I did not know about making e.c. I had used all the stuff i found.
    I am trying to help new players. Many with there advice seem to forget some players have not played an mmo before,and sto is a lure to older people.(who would not play witches and wizards or console ports). Many new players will need time to pilot a ship etc.
    However.Here is your clanger. I sell MINIMUM 5 contraband per day per character from doff missions, so thats 200k + e.c. right there,again for doing nothing and from doff missions.
    On top. Cream. Free money.
    That tip will not be so useful for new players,unfortunately,they wont have contraband to spare.

  6. Karibus says:

    Thanks for the write-up Xaeus. I’ve been a player for a long time and still found some tidbits of wisdom in there. *salutes*

  7. Romulan says:

    so what missions give 500K ? Can you mention those please?

    • xaeus says:

      Update: it’s not that easy anymore. It appears that all farming missions have been both reduced in rewards/drops and XP gained. Drops also have been drastically reduced. So after about 20 killed ships you no longer get XP. That means a full farming mission should be split in 3 or 4 and you do each 1/3 or 1/4 per one day, so drops and XP are maxed out.

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