Light Side and Dark Side – the Ultimate Truth – [En]

What make me write about this was a question of someone that wanted to know if the Dark Side (the Evil) can be used for the greater good.
And I answered the question, yes, it can. Dark and light energy is 50-50 of the same total. There can be nothing without one of them.
This Universe works on duality. There can’t be + or – without the other. Even the electron considered ‘-‘ particle it’s actually a vortex polarized with ‘+’ in the middle/center and ‘-‘ on the outside.
To quote one of my friends: there is darkness in your light.
From the energetic perspective, it does not matter what type of energy you use, it’s the action, its purpose and its result that matter.

For example: a person affected by dark energy can be healed by both sides. A light side healer will add enough light energy to nullify the dark energy affecting the patient.
A dark side healer will drain and feed on the dark energy and the patient will have no more dark energy in him.
The result in both cases is a positive one for the patient. And it’s easier to do by the dark side alignment because the dark energy fed the Force user instead of consuming it’s energy.
This practice is used in many Master healing circles around the world today. many even have official medical cabinets where they do it.

Judging by the Sith/Jedi points of view, both sides are limited by their own doctrine and therefore limited to one end of the duality.
Jedi will be weak because of their fear of the dark side and Sith will become weak because they give up all light side powers for the dark side ones.
The Jedi/Sith doctrines are only small examples of what really happens in this world, where most of the so-self-proclaimed ‘light side’ actually uses more deception and manipulation than anything else considered ‘dark’ or evil.

A true Master would be able to use both light and dark powers at their maximum peak for it’s desired purpose, ignoring energy source and polarity.
That’s the biggest secret of the Force.
I have discovered that there is a 3rd way, a way that allowes you to have supreme power from both sides. It allows you to do both extreme good or extreme evil (although the terms good and evil are also limited perspectives – see the KotOR reference with the homeless guy asking you for credits).
Yes, it’s like molten lead on water, theoretically impossible.
Only with deep understandig of one’s inner self and of one’s universal environment, aka the both extremities (light and dark) one can become complete.

Many current doctrines teach you to only look within and to ignore everything in the exterior, while others tell you to ignore your need and go somewhere to find all answers. They are as much limited as they are and wrong. Both inner self and outer environment are part of the same energy, The Force.

I will give you a practical example from out planet Earth where dark/light energy conversion happens, and it is done by a living organism: the cat.
Yes, the cat is by far superior in the Force than a lot of other creatures combined.
The cat can feed of the dark side of the Force, the Energy, the Chi or whatever you want to call it.
It even drains the bad EM emissions from TV sets, phones, other electronic devices. And it does not get damaged or ‘evil’. It converts that dark side energy intro healing / regeneration energy (does that when it purrs).
The regeneration process uses the dark side energy to produce vibrations on a frequency that regenerates living tissue. This is another known science fact.
Also, the cat will drain human’s damage/dark energy. If you are damaged physically or even energetically only, the cat will deploy itself on the most affected area and start draining the dark energy, just like a dark Master can do as described above. Then, it will generate the regeneration frequency using the dark fuel it gathers.

What people should consider is that every type of energy is fuel. A car will have problems running on kerosene just like a plane will fail to work on coal.
But universal engines that use any type of valid fuel can be created, even if it’s a very difficult process.
Fortunately, in the case of the Universal Energy, there are only 2 alignments, so it’s really doable.

And what about the Force ?
Well, it’s as real as anything existing in this Universe can be. It is the general cosmic energy field that exists throughout all space and that gives the light it’s speed of ‘c’.
Again, it’s been scientifically proven, that if you isolate light from the Force/ the cosmic field, it will increase it’s speed because there’s nothing else to interfere with the propagation of photons.

That field, that Force is the result of every overlapping energy that exists in the Universe. That’s why it actually is in everything and everyone. It is found on many ancient cultures, with different names, but overall, it’s one and the same no matter how you call it.

Now if you take that under consideration when studying any religion, you will find that The Force is actually what all religions present as the Divinity.

So, remember the secret: any doctrine is a limitation, no matter how ‘good’ is seems on the outside and following it exclusively will only prevent you from unlocking your true capabilities.

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