Fixing the Mouse double-click problem – [En]

If you read this it means you have the foloowing problem: when you click your mouse, you actually get two clicks instead of one.
This usually has another undesired effect: when you try to drag & drop something it will not work.

The causes for this can be the following:

– Broken button switch
– Software configuration error
– Electrostatic charge

If you have a very cheap mouse, it’s most probably a broken switch and repairs are not worth the effort, but just in case, don’t throw it away just yet.

If you have one of the high-DPI rats (3200dpi +), those things actually have good quality and it’s less probable to be a mechanical problem.
Most likely, the problem is due a build up of Electro Static Field (polarization) of the plastic. This manifests in very low humidity environments and is caused by a lot of clicking at a very high rate. The internal design is not thought to be immune to such build-up – it has no grounding.
To de-polarize the circuit, you can increase the moisture level. Your breath has enough humidity to do that, so just blow some air into the primary button area.

For wireless mice, there may also be a capacitor that maintains its overcharge level. If you have a wireless mouse, remove the batteries and press all buttons; keep them presses for a few seconds. Such a capacitor can be present also into the wired versions, in which case just disconnect it form the USB and do the same. The moisture and capacitor discharge should fix the problem if it is of this nature.

The same problem can be software related. For example, in windows 7 some mice drivers installs themselves twice.
So go to your device manager, under “Mice and other pointing devices” and here if should find your mouse twice just double click one of them (try lowest one) to open a “Properties” window near the top, go to the tab named “Driver” in that pop-up, find the button named “Disable” and click that.
Confirm. That’s it. Double click should be gone.

Also, since we’re at software section, you may want to go to “Control Panel” –> “Mouse” –> “Buttons Tab”. Here (mid section), there may be that the Double-Click Speed is set to the right. If so, bring it down to middle and try your button to see if theres a difference.

If the problem is not fixed by the two things above, it means the switch under the button is broken. For an expensive top-performance mouse it’s worth fixing. To do that with no addition costs, you could open it up and replace the primary button switch with the switch from the middle button (or another button you don’t use too much). For this, you will need some soldering skills and the tools to do it, but it’s not something difficult if you have the basics.

Good luck with your fixing.

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6 Responses to Fixing the Mouse double-click problem – [En]

  1. Abhishek says:

    what the hell? blowing on my mouse fixed it instantly. I had this problem on my Log G102 for three days I was considering buying new mouse. Man you are a LIFESAVER

  2. Evgeny says:

    Oh my god!
    It actually worked , ty sir
    i have Log G Pro

  3. Robin says:

    Hi, thank you for this nice post. I have a g502 from Logitech with this double click problem. I can blow some air into it and solve this, but only for few minutes (10 / 20 max). Any idea how to make it “persistent” 🙂 ?

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