Windows 10 preview – is it telling us that we are going to get nuked ? – [En]

I don’t usually like to write about conspiracies because most of the serious ones in time prove to be true, but this made me make an exception.
Out of curiosity I installed Windows 10 both x64 and x86 version into a virtual machine to see how the new OS looks and behaves like.
My findings were of other nature, so this is not going to be a technical review.

After you complete the initial installation of Windows 10 Tech preview, when you first enter the actual OS interface, you get a
“Getting devices ready” (showing an animation that can mean 5 missiles launching and falling – you can see that because when the white dots get up they are fast, then at the top they are slower and then fast again when the go downwards).
Then this comes up:
We are setting things up for you.”
What??? SETTING THINGS UP? What do they mean ? 911 and everything else-like setup ?

After they SET UP some, then they brutalize up your eyes by setting the whole screen flashing through all color spectrum.

After they finish that, there’s a:
“taking care of a few things…”
Remember the problem-reaction-solution setup?
Problem – SETTING UP
Reaction – Killing your eye by light overload (suggests nuke explosion effect)
Solution – TAKING CARE
Deja-vous anyone?

After you get eye damage from all color spectrum and taking care of you it finally lets you enter the desktop.

Surprise !
The background image is fallout-like atomic winter and on the left-top side is something that looks like a nuclear explosion mushroom (way more than a clouded sun).
Let us continue.
Letting color cube encodings in the main menu aside, they are grouped in a 13-3-5 manner. This could suggest a date.
In the fists group there are 13 slots instead of the 16 (4×4 matrix)
Also, there are 11 buttons on the left column.
The next sets have 3 and 5 slots.
If you deploy the left column, you get the number 141121241232811(+2)1(+1)1, also by grouping.
No, we are not done. If you open explorer, all folders have a radioactive color (bright nuke-yellow instead of the old pale yellow).
And if you open any control window (like settings) it looks like in the 1900s, just black lines on white background, and icons are simple line-schematics that many could probably draw better by with pen and paper. Windows 3.1 does look significantly more graphically complex by comparison.
The subliminal of this:
Getting back to the stone-age after the nuke !
So WTF is going on?
Is Microsoft telling us that we are going to be nuked? And the date it will happen? And further more …will it also be a setup?
One more thing to note: in the news mini-window, there seem to be ethnic minority-related news excessively. I mean if they are sorted by relevance, why the hell are there so many news about the ex-wife of ex-islamic-nobody-leader, an afro-american displaying his expensive gold chains or any such other junk?
You can check all the above. Install windows 10 tech preview x64 build 9926.
If you have the time to dig some more in this operating system, do so. You may find even more weird stuff.

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6 Responses to Windows 10 preview – is it telling us that we are going to get nuked ? – [En]

  1. What did you smoke? No really, what?

    • xaeus says:

      I’m good at observing stuff.
      Maybe it’s because my eyes are not abnormally tuned to the blue end of the color spectrum.

  2. TheMisanthropicMeanie says:

    No offense but this is pretty out there man

  3. UKIP Calypso says:

    The installation reached the dreaded “taking care of a few things” screen and it hasn’t progressed further for over an hour since. I wish I hadn’t upgraded now. If it can’t even handle my new laptop there’s no chance of my old desktop PC upgrading without problems. 😦

    • xaeus says:

      What version did you try ?
      It’s full version out now; I’m currently testing Enterprise x64 one on a VM. It installed fine.
      It contains a lot of spy-stuff tho’, starting with the behavior AI and then with all the you-now-have-no-privacy options that are enabled by default.
      My guess in your case is that there is a conflict with one or more of the components. Did you install from scratch or made an update over a previous OS ?
      From what I tested so far, backwards driver compatibility is even worse than Vista/7/8.
      I’m also investigating some new services I found to be new compared to 7.

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