The most secure browser in the world is and always was Opera – [En]

        I have seen a lot of debates on various tech forums about which browser is the safest one (or the fastest one). While speed is a very debatable thing, when it comes to security things are pretty precise. Being tired of arguing with various cows or oxes I did a little digging and I found the browser security statistics from CISCO, the largest network equipment manufacturer and provider in the world.

        This is the up to current date stat with browser vulnerability:


        You can check that out directly on the CISCO website if you visit this after a few years and need a more updated version. As you can see, Opera IS the safest browser since ever and probably will continue to be. Now you barking doggies that are over-fanatic about failfox and chrome take a deep breath and just think about another fact: Opera invented pretty much everything the rest of the browsers just copy-pasted, starting with tabs, going through dozens of things it would be futile to mention and ending up with the Speed Dial latest big thing that the rest just renamed and copied.
        The court rests. The case is closed.

        P.S. cvedetails dot com can search by browser name and will provide you with yearly statistics.

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