How Arstechnica tech site turned into a vaccine propaganda machine – [En]

      Arstechnica ( use to be a good tech information site, articles were actually relevant to what’s happening on the market and the tech news covered things pretty well.

      That until 2016 at which point they started to put up articles promoting vaccination. The articles are propagandistic in nature and try to enforce that vaccination is good.
When I started seeing the articles I wondered what are they doing on such a site since the subject of vaccination has nothing to do with the nature of the site. The more they put up there, the more suspect things were. After starting reading the comments things became clear: it was pure propaganda. It appears that those articles were there because they got payed and/or forced to do so. There is no other reason for such coverage to exist. Suddenly, the moderators became obsessed with bashing and banning any opinion that tried to counter their propaganda articles and comments. They allowed meatbags that sustained their propaganda to bash anyone at anytime that did not agree with their brain-washed view on things while banning all users on the other camp, even veteran users that contributed to the site in the tech-related area. No arguments did matter, only the enforcement of their view and elimination of anything contrary.

      I will not talk about freedom of speech aspects, but rather about honor. If you want to enforce a specific view on something while not listening to any arguments whatsoever you are just an honor-less oppressor, no matter how you look at it. Not even intel’s or AMD’s forums banned independent research and benchmarks about the other’s CPUs, while Arstechnica made propaganda on an off-topic subject and banned all the opposition.

      They were contacted about banning people unfairly and of course they did not had the decency to answer.

      On their ‘about’ page, we find things like:
“The company pushed the ideals of transparency and community before these were buzzwords. It is these ideals that have kept the company growing since its birth, and readers can expect more of the same in the future.”
This is now a complete lie. There is no transparency. There’s tyranny.

      “The new website, www[.]arstechnica[.]co[.]uk, and its dedicated editorial team, will focus on stories from the UK and Europe, consolidating Ars Technica’s global remit of influential, impartial coverage of all things technology.”
Influential, definitely…as many other bad influences out there. How is it impartial if you only sustain one side in a debate and ban all that are on the other ?
You have no honor, Ars. You are dead in the eyes of people that actually can think for themselves and don’t instantly comply with your propaganda.

      “We encourage reader feedback and participation in conversation via discussion on every article, as well as in the renowned Ars OpenForum—one of the Internet’s true treasure troves, and one of the largest, documented community databases of tips, technical help, and camaraderie on the planet.”
Well now this certainly is a pure lie. You guys either lack proper moderators and hired some bored kids to do the job or the initial assumption is true: you got payed to do propaganda. Either way, instead of allowing arguments and proof, you spawn your propaganda and ban anyone trying to challenge it.

      Their ‘about’ page even becomes very strange at the end. There’s a purely arrogant sentence there and if you take some of it out of context you get a nice subliminal saying ‘Knowledge is nothing.’
Well, that end it clearly. Of course when you have become corrupted knowledge is nothing. All that matters is to spread your propaganda.
      And they also quote Hippocrates in there. The irony…

      Here’s what happened now, Ars: you just got banned from multiple high level tech communities and multiple social media groups that promote freedom of speech and argument-based debates on any subject. You are also blacklisted in many fake-news filters.

      Keep spreading your propaganda to your formatted meatbags. Wise people don’t buy it anyway. You are now declared an enemy of the free speech and the right to free unrestricted information access. Be happy with your formatted herd.
      May you rest in pieces, it’s been nice reading you from time to time, at least until 2016.

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