Yes, there can be a large scale power outage ! Here is how.

I will quickly talk about the possibility of a power failure.

The possibility of an energy power-off has been taken into consideration by multiple countries since a long time ago, but this topic has become news again after the recent statement of Austria’s defense minister Claudia Tanner, which said the problem is not if there will be a power failure in Europe, but when it will be.

Of course, there have been multiple media voices that spoke to the contrary, that said it can’t happen because we have a good power grid in Europe, we have load balancing systems, redundancy, etc.

But let’s see how a power failure may actually occur.

1st, we have the test option, short term, maximum of 3 days, which would be a controlled shutdown with the purpose of making a social experiment. This can happen both in Europe and the US.

2nd, we have the possibility of limited local attacks. There are 2 options here: physical attack and cybernetic attack.

A physical attack happened relatively recently in Venezuela. Among other things, drones fitted with special metal stripes that can short-circuit the power lines were used.

A cyber-attack was in Ukraine in 2015. Phishing e-mails were used to infect the target systems in order to take control of them. The infiltrated systems were discovered only after 6 months, during which time the attackers could of done anything. Countries with old power grids are in luck here, because they are way less susceptible to cyber-attacks.

What I told you so far are ways that the power can go offline for a short to medium duration.

But there are some options that can turn off the grid for a very long time.

One of them is also a type of attack. A nuclear blast in the stratosphere or above, at the properly calculated altitude, can turn off the power on a whole continent. The generated electromagnetic pulse would fry all electronics in the target range.

In July this year, Chinese researchers warned their own government to increase the country readiness against such scenarios. Only 1 year before, US researchers warned that the Chinese army has the capability of executing such an attack.

The enormous destructive potential of this is known since 1962 when a test was made in the atmosphere with a thermonuclear bomb of 1.45 Mega Tons. It was detonated at 400km altitude above the Jonson atoll in the Pacific. At over 1500km range, in Hawaii, a large part of the power grid shut down and communications failed for a while.

Now imagine what range could cover a Tzar-class bomb, which has a destructive power of 50 Mega Tons.

The other option is one that can occur naturally.

A class X solar flare, powerful enough, with the direction of propagation towards Earth, would have the same devastating effect.

We have plenty of precedents here also. Let’s look at a few:

In 1967 the US almost started a nuclear war believing that the Soviets are attacking them. The Americans thought they are being jammed by very advanced tech. The cause of the jam was a solar storm.

In 1972, a solar flare reached Earth in just 14.6 hours. The TV signal interrupted and even mines used in the Vietnam war detonated.

In 1989 there was a category X15 solar flare that after 3 days caused a geomagnetic storm. Due to this storm the power was offline in Quebec.

There are more such examples, but the conclusion of researchers is clear: solar manifestations are capable of shutting down the power grid on Earth if the necessary prerequisites are met.

As you see, there are options that can bring down the power grid. So, be aware, if you consider that you may need electricity in the case it’s turn off everywhere, start taking measures.

Now you are informed, you’re in power.

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