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There’s a constant war on your mind.
They try to control an manipulate you via propaganda, fake science, marketing, TV and other types of brainwashing.
Here you will be told how.

How Arstechnica tech site turned into a vaccine propaganda machine – [En]

      Arstechnica ( use to be a good tech information site, articles were actually relevant to what’s happening on the market and the tech news covered things pretty well.       That until 2016 at which point they started to put up articles … Continue reading

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Ati votat, boivacilor ?!

        Si cum ati facut dragi boi si vaci ? Ati fost la vot si v-ati mai si laudat cu asta ? Bravo, v-ati sapat singuri mai adanc groapa. Nu ca ar conta mare lucru ce ati votat, ca oricum era … Continue reading

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Vaccinare vs Conventia de la Nuremberg si lipsa drepturilor omului

        După sfîrșitul celui de-al doilea război mondial, în August 1947, a luat naștere cel mai important document din istoria eticii mediale: Convenția de la Nuremberg. Acesta a fost creat pentru a preveni experimentele pe oameni, în genul celor făcute în … Continue reading

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De la adevarul istoric la deceptia prezentului

                         Poate unii dintre voi s-au prins că în zilele noastre sîntem înconjuraţi numai de falsităţi. S-a falsificat ştiinţa, religia, medicina … chiar şi mîncarea (asta dacă nu ştiaţi că s-ar putea să mîncaţi cam des plastic frumos colorat), dar … Continue reading

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[Epic] – You have been deceived: the Jedi are evil !

     Today’s world is a world run by deception and the self-proclaimed ‘good guys’ that use wars, oppression, genocide and control to do their bidding. In the same manner, the Jedi were regarded by default as the ‘good side’. They’re not … Continue reading

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Updated Oxford Dictionary: Demoncracy

Demoncracy Pronunciation: diːmənkrəsi NOUN Archaic form: Democracy A totalitarian system of government controller by a ruling elite of preselected representatives that manipulates all aspects of the life of the oppressed enslaved citizens under it while offering them the illusion of … Continue reading

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Updated Oxford Dictionary: Capigtalism

Capigtalism Pronunciation: ˈkapgɪt(ə)lɪsm NOUN Archaic form: capitalism An enslavement system in which a country’s trade, industry and population are illegally assimilated and controlled by private owners for profit, with the target objectives of enslaving 99% of humans for the good … Continue reading

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