[Epic] – You have been deceived: the Jedi are evil !

     Today’s world is a world run by deception and the self-proclaimed ‘good guys’ that use wars, oppression, genocide and control to do their bidding. In the same manner, the Jedi were regarded by default as the ‘good side’. They’re not even close to that. Now I will prove it.
     A basic Jedi doctrine design flaw and probably the most important ideological aspect is that the Jedi reject half of the possibilities the Force offers, but only to the lower levels. Practically, they deny half of their power implicitly, but note that they do that only of the ones they train. The grand masters will no doubt use it if necessary, as I will explain.

     Let’s start with some basic logic: since many dark side Force users (Sith as in organization, not species) were initially Jedi, doesn’t that mean that the core of the dark side, the dark seed is there and they just managed to activate it ? Well, it does. The 4 Schisms are proof of that, look into the first Jedi Exiles. This is something relatively normal. Some Jedi realized that they are denied from start their true potential and separated from the indoctrinated group. They gained Freedom, and by that I do not mean freedom to do cause chaos, but freedom of choice, which is the most important aspect of any society ever. When you no longer have the freedom of choice, you are under a pure dictatorship. So think about it now: what can you actually choose in your own country ?

     Basic evil trait: the Jedi use brainwashing and manipulation to maintain their status. They practically formatted/brainwashed many in order to have them join. Yeah, they did that to Revan too. That’s evil by any definition.

     The Jedi kidnap children that have Force abilities and put them in their asylum-like academy to be brainwashed (oops…’trained’) into being one of them. The Jedi are a fanatic religious order populated by beings with super-powers raised from infancy to follow a rigid indoctrination philosophy with emotionless zealotry. That’s basically the same premise as the Hitler Youth and Waffen SS. So what does that make the Jedi Council ? A Fascist-Religious organization actively undermining liberty for maintaining their own power. Fascist governments throughout history have proven that the denial truth is a basic form of control and manipulation. The Jedi do exactly that. We’ll dig more into it later. If you have doubts about them kidnapping children take the example of Ludi Billane, a Force sensitive child that was rescued by a team of Jedi rescue workers after an earthquake on Ord Thoden capital city Domitree. They assumed the parents were dead and took her and decided to train her in the ways of the Force. However, the girl’s mother, Jonava Billane, remained alive and when learning upon recovery that the the child had survived, she traveled to Coruscant to seek reunion with her daughter. Jonava Billane petitioned the Jedi Council to be reunited with her daughter Ludi. However, the Jedi Council rejected her petition arguing that they would not give her back her child—now named “Aris-Del Wari”—because it was too dangerous to release one whose mind had been opened to the Force. Really ? Too dangerous for her own mother ? Jedi will usually seek parental permission, but they do have the legal authority to take custody of any force sensitive child they find below a certain age. And what prevents them from Force-persuading a parent ? They ‘honor’ ? The process is done through the Acquisition Division, who mandate mandatory blood tests on all newborn children on Republic Worlds, and if their midichlorian count is higher than normal, that information gets sent back to the temple on Coruscant, where the information is stored on the Kyber Memory Crystal. The Acquisition Division then uses that information to find force sensitive children and take them back to the temple to be trained. If the child is old enough to have formed attachments, they aren’t trained. If they are adults when they’re found and they’re using their powers irresponsibly, they have a choice of joining the order, stopping their use of the force, or being killed. Once a child has been trained in the use of the force, they can never return to their families because it would be considered too dangerous. You don’t have an enforced recruitment division and you don’t enforce blood tests on all children if you’re a light side organization. This is pure Nazi-like style, even worse.
This is what Darth Sidious told young Maul in “The Wrath of Darth Maul”:
‘Many Force users joined the Jedi Order, but the Jedi were not satisfied with their numbers. They sought out the so-called wizards and demons, and gave them three options. Join the Jedi, cease using Force powers, or die.’
‘Join the Jedi.’ Sidious said. ‘Relinquish your individuality and freedom, and fight only when the Jedi tell you to fight. Cease using Force powers. One might as well tell an ordinary life-form to stop living. Die… Well, I don’t believe that requires an explanation. And so, the Jedi not only increased their ranks but destroyed those who disagreed with them.’

     How comes most of the Jedi are Army generals if their objective is pace ? Well… peace is indeed a lie, the Sith were right about that one. In the name of peace, they lead armies that crush any opposition, without mercy and without even considering any peaceful alternatives. (Off-note: USA proved this hands down after the ’90s by bombing and robbing dozens of countries in the name of ‘pace’).

     The Jedi lie frequently and rationalize it as speaking from ‘a different point of view’. When Luke asks ‘How did my father die ?’, Obi-Wan proceeds to tell him that a Jedi named Darth Vader betrayed and murdered Anakin Skywalker, when in truth, Anakin is actually Darth Vader. He also tells Luke that his father wanted him to have his lightsaber, while his father was the Emperor’s apprentice, and that the lightsaber he holds in his hand was taken as his father when he was laying next to a river of lava, nearly dying at the hands of Obi-Wan himself. But when Luke discovers this, Obi-Wan says, ‘What I told you was true, from a certain point of view’. Deception 101. Practically, saying that X kills Y while X is the same as Y is either suicide (not the case) or an epic lie.

     A good example of Jedi manipulation comes directly from Yoda, while training Luke on Dagobah. Yoda states, ‘For once you go down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny’. Now, this is simply untrue. There have been several Jedi who have turned to the Dark Side and returned to the light, including Revan. Which means one of two things: Yoda is either lying to Luke and using this as a scare tactic, or Yoda is lying to himself (which is even worse) because this is the ideology of the Jedi Order.

     The Jedi use invasive mind control. They overwrite (or attempt to) the minds of independent beings to avoid security checkpoints, cheat merchants, convince people change careers, get people out of prison. (Off-note: Ferengi would be immune to this.)

     Getting back to peace and power:
The Jedi want to keep hold of their power no matter the consequences and will not let it go. They led a coup against an elected leader. Chancellor Palpatine was fairly elected as supreme chancellor. Why do they oppose that ? They should of complied with the result since it was a fair ‘democratic’ one, right ? Well, they didn’t. They wanted to keep their power !
Remember when Anakin Skywalker said: “The Sith rely on their passion for their strength. They think inward, only about themselves.” Chancellor Palpatine replied: “And the Jedi don’t ?”
Mace Windu used the same argument to assassinate the Chancellor as the Chancellor used for making Anakin kill Count Doku: ‘he is too dangerous to be left alive’. So you see, the Jedi Masters can be as dark as any.
Mace Windu: I’m going to put an end to this, once and for all!
Anakin Skywalker: You can’t. He must stand trial.
Mace Windu: He has control of the senate and all the courts. He is too dangerous to be left alive!
So due process is for meatbags, not for born with high enough midi-chlorian counts. Just like today’s politicians getting less jail time for stealing millions than beggars stealing food.

     Despite the fact that the Sith were not inherently evil, there’s no question the Jedi saw them as their enemy (even if they’d helped make them). So when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was revealed to be Darth Sidious, believing in the quest for mastery over life that the Jedi so vehemently disagreed with, what would any ‘peace’-loving religious order do ? In short, attempt to arrest or eliminate him. The problem here is that Chancellor Palpatine was, without question, the ‘democratically’-elected leader of the Galactic Republic. The Jedi had the right to be angry that he had kept his beliefs and religion a secret, and suspicious of what he had planned for the Republic, but remember that bit in their Jedi statements that said they served the Republic’s government, and that they were not in charge of determining who was fit to lead and who was not ? Should not they respect the authority of an elected leader ?

     Any way you look at this, the Jedi attempted a direct military coup that had the objective to get rid of the elected leader of a ‘democracy’, based on their personal vendetta. While they had many diplomatic solutions to bring his Sith origins to the attention of the Republic they instead decided to act without consent. The result: the Jedi were judged by the Republic’s leader to once again threaten freedom and exert control over the Senate, and had to be eliminated (well, call it revenge of the Force for their genocide against the Sith). One could argue that Palpatine had manipulated ‘democracy’ to accomplish his objectives, but that means that he knew the Jedi would not hesitate to remove the head of the Senate by force.

     The conclusion here: storming into an elected Head of State’s office with lightsabers drawn after discovering his philosophical background is practically unacceptable for a ‘peaceful’ organization (which clearly the Jedi are not).

     Is Genocide in the name of ‘peace’ – the practical Jedi way ? Yes.
After the First Great Schism came to an end, and the last twelve ‘Dark Jedi’ surrendered, The Jedi boarded them onto unarmed transport ships, and sent them into Unknown Space. That’s like sending a prisoner into the Sahara desert.
At the conclusion of the Great Hyperspace War the Republic and Jedi were victorious but clearly, their actions 1,900 years earlier failed: the Dark Jedi had survived, and now ruled over a previously-unknown race of humanoids powerful in the Force.
Republic Chancellor Pultimo looked upon an enemy that no longer posed a threat, and ordered the Jedi and Republic forces to invade Sith Space and destroy any remains of the empire and its citizens. Jedi and Republic forces were sent to Korriban and other Sith planets to ensure no remnants of the Sith Empire remained. This purge, known as the Sith Holocaust, ultimately failed, the survivors managing to settle on Dromund Kaas. From here they would rebuild their empire.

     Contrary to the propaganda, whatever extremes each side pushed the other toward, it should be known that at no point did the Sith roamed around and decided to crush all life in the galaxy. They were conquerors in search of mastery over life itself, not genocidal maniacs. They wanted to bring order through power. They even developed their own Sith Code, opposing that preached by Jedi. Rather than speaking of existence as it should be, they focused on the way it was. Practical vs. theoretical approach.

     There are numerous examples of Jedi Genocide. Did you even wondered why General Grievous hates the Jedi so much ?
Well, it’s because they are the cause of his suffering. General Grievous was a Kalish respectable warrior that was named Qymaen jai Sheelal. On the planet Kalee, the inhabitants called Kalish. The technologically-superior Yam’rii of the planet Huk were an insectoid race that attached and destroyed multiple neighboring planets in a conflict that lasted generations. After the Yam’rii overran neighboring planets (such as Abbaji and Tovarskl), ruthlessly colonizing them and plundering their wealth. The insatiable Yam’rii eventually attacked nearby Kalee, seeking to enslave the native Kaleesh. They captured millions of Kaleesh and sold them into slavery. Kaleesh rebelled and the two races waged continuous war. Two powerful Kaleesh warriors rised to fight the invaders: Qymaen jai Sheelal and Ronderu lij Kummar. The two fought courageously together, butchering thousands of Yam’rii insectoids in countless campaigns, their reputations raising to the level of demigods. Ronderu lij Kummar eventually fell in battle against the Yam’rii on the beaches of Kalee, and a distraught Sheelal soon came to adopt the name “Grievous,” surrounding himself with a legion of equally tortured handpicked “elite,” known as the Izvoshra Grievous and his elite warriors finally managed to drive the Yam’rii from Kalee. Then, Grevious and his army started liberating other worlds invaded and colonized by the Yam’rii, finally getting to Tovarskl, at which point the Yam’rii, using their connections with the Trade Federation, desperately petitioned the Republic for help. The senate believed the lie that the Kaleesh started the conflict and ruled on behalf of the Yam’rii. They never bothered to check for the actual evidence and history of the conflict. They instead, dispatched a Jedi task force led by Masters T’chooka D’oon and Jmmaar to stop the war. The Jedi blindly follower the orders and never bothered to check who is actually the aggressor in the Huk wars. The Jedi-lead oppressor forces attached the Kalish without remorse and defeated them. The Republic leveled harsh sanctions and reparations against the Kaleesh for their aggression, and Kalee descended into economic devastation. Grievous watched helplessly as his wives, offspring and fellow people starved, suffered and slowly died, his hatred for the Republic growing. Having no other choices, Grievous became an enforcer for the Inter-Galactic Banking Clan, which promised to help alleviate Kalee’s plight in turn for his services. When Grievous learned that the Yam’rii went unpunished by the Republic while they desecrated Kaleesh burial grounds established on the colony worlds, Grievous broke his commitment to the IBC, and he and his Kaleesh elite boarded a troop shuttle, preparing to re-initiate the Huk War. But when his shuttle was destroyed by an ion bomb. Then Grievous had to be reconstructed as a cyborg, the only way it could survive. During the Clone Wars when Grievous returned to Tovarskl with his droid armies, and destroyed the Yam’rii occupying it, finishing what he had started years earlier. But his hate for the Republic remained.

     The Code reads:
Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.
This is what I was saying above. Peace is hands down a lie (today’s over-oppressed over-enslaved world as proof). The rest is a path to development that culminates with FREEDOM, not destruction or anything of that sort; nothing evil about it. And this is a very fair code, because in an oppressive world, the only way for you to be free, to still have a choice, is to have enough power. Without that, you are just a slave.
And since we talked about the code, lets continue on that a little by a complete analysis of the Jedi Code.

     The Jedi Code states:
There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, only harmony. There is no death, there is the force.

     Now, let us focus on the Jedi code. ‘There is no emotion, there is peace‘. We have proven above that peace is indeed a lie and just a word to justify anything. Did you even wonder why they are denied emotion ? Well, perhaps it’s because it would interfere with the brainwashing ? Apparently, this is a very ‘Vulcan’-like way of thinking in the sense that they go for what is logical as opposed to what their emotions tell them. But only apparently. It’s not pure logic, it’s indoctrination.
Here is why it is not a matter of logic vs. emotion: Logic dictates that if you use your emotions you could actually make choices that are not ‘as ordered’, but actually good, bad, variable, alternate in various situations. You have another way of seeing and determining the parameters of a situation. Denying that leaves you with the doctrine, therefore you will act ‘by default’ as you were taught, programmed. You would be limited in choice and therefore in results.
I wonder what Spock to say about that would have…

     The Jedi only seem to follow the idea of ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’ and that causes much inner conflict, which can cause emotions, which they want to deny, which cause more inner conflict, more unbalance…well you get it, right ?
They may have to sacrifice someone they care about deeply to save a big group of strangers. But this is another debateble thing. Where do you draw the line ? How many does it take to justify murdering a few to save many ? Well, this is a dark side choice either way. Just like today’s western ‘democracy’ where you keep choosing between 2 evils. There’s always a 3rd choice. Remember that if you will even encounter such a choice.
So, as a Jedi individual, one may have incredible struggle with this choice and may suffer incredible guilt (which leads to unbalance), but as an Order, the Jedi are forced to keep a fake public image and in turn, detach themselves emotionally from the galaxy they are saying they serve (when convenient) and protect (with genocide).

     But are really Jedi not self-centered ? No. And the are terrible comrades in arms too.
Luke first jeopardized the operational security of the rebel raiding party on Endor, giving himself up and risking the entire mission and the lives of many plus the actual freedom of the galaxy…so he could pursue ‘Jedi business’. He eventually found himself locked in a completely strategically irrelevant battle within the Emperor’s throne room aboard the second Death Star. Whether he won or lost had no strategic significance to the war itself. There was a main fleet action underway, on which depended the fate of every sentient being across a hundred million systems. He preferred choosing his personal objective instead of the collective one. But no worries, so did Kenobi and many others before him.

     While that, you know what never happens in the first movies ? A vote to authorize the Clone Wars. Yoda just shows up with an army, and starts a war that ravages uncounted worlds. The Jedi Council thinks nothing about beginning a war, and once it’s begun they take complete authority for leading it. In Episode 3 we find out they oversee the disposition of all forces, not just their own members. They make all strategic decisions, where the troops should go and wage wars, without even consulting the official representatives of those worlds. You know which other military operation was carried out in the same manner ? Order 66. You know what the United States does now in multiple independent countries ? The same.
In other words, the Republic goes through the process of democracy, but at the end of the day, it’s just a Banana Republic ruled by an a fanatic religious oligarchy. Sounds familiar ?

     But why the war ?
The Jedi aren’t fighting a war against an invading force, or against oppressors or some army willing to exterminate them. There is no external threat to ‘peace’ or ‘democracy’. They’re fighting to prevent people from ruling themselves free of the Jedi Council and the oppressive corrupted Republic leadership. They could end the war simply by allowing systems to be free of their control. No war. Just some voting and signatures. Never gonna happen. The Republic practically fails to serve and protect its citizens, and yet they would rather slaughter those same citizens than allow them to pursue their own destiny. What superpower now-days does that ? Well, I mentioned them already.
The Sith are the only ones strong enough to oppose them; only they have the powers required to stand against the Jedi oppressors. Doesn’t opposing tyranny make you the ‘good’ side ? Well, it kinda does. Oh…well…what a surprise: the Sith are not the bad guys, the Jedi are !

     The second line of code ‘There is no ignorance, there is knowledge‘ is a fairly good thing in principle. With this one I agree, since ignorance is the worst thing you can do to yourself or others. But it does not apply practically in the Jedi order. The actual opposite is applied. And you see, knowledge also means power. What do they do with that power ? Not so many good things it seems. They are in fear of losing it, just like Darth Plagueis the Wise was.

     It is clear that both sides (Jedi and Sith) seek knowledge. The problem is the Jedi are trying to deny that knowledge to everyone else while keeping it for themselves (while good old Dark Side Rakata used knowledge to evolve their society as a whole). They limit their followers a lot when it comes to both practical learning and the history or the Order. They restrict information that is considered ‘dangerous’. the problem is that in most cases, it is simple knowledge that may cause someone to see outside the inner indoctrination. So they lie, hide information and are in denial/ignorant of the truth too. Remember Jocasta Nu stating; ‘If an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist’ ? Well, that’s a lie, it’s denial and/or ignorance. They hid the records to their own kind, the most important information being accessible allowed to only the most important of the Masters. Some logic here again: isn’t that completely restrict the information to people among your own ranks possibly more dangerous than having the information available to be studied and countermeasures developed ? Well, it is. Instead of studying the enemy to learn how to protect against them, that part is hidden. When encountering dark side ‘corruption’ it is more likely to be influenced by it if you are unprepared compared to the situation where you studied that and are familiar with their tactics and approach. Elementary, dear Jedi. So statement of ‘There is no ignorance, there is knowledge’ is a complete lie, since they ignore studying the dark side and hide/restrict knowledge as they see fit. Practically, their way is the exact opposite: ‘There is no knowledge, there is ignorance’.
More than that, a lot of their practical knowledge is stolen from others (and then officially classified so others do not also get it). Remember that the galaxy was largely ruled by the Rakata for 10,000 years – The Infinite Empire ? Like many others, the Infinite Empire was built on cutting-edge technology and it was all based on the Dark Side ideology: peace and order can only come through power. (Pace Through Power – Kane).
The Rakata called their weapons ‘Forcesabers,’ using the Force to channel dark energy into a solid blade. Force Hounds were the ones able to construct these weapons, which required the use of a special form of crystal along with the use of alchemy to shape it. The process involved the construction of a hilt and the presence of other adequate resources for the task. The Jedi, thousands of years later, saw the potential made possible through ‘ways of the Dark Side,’ and adapted it for their own use. They therefore created the ‘lightsaber’. So they are not the inventors here, they are the tech thieves. A lot more later used and appropriated by the republic tech came from the Rakata.

     While the Jedi consider themselves good in theory, they are pretty much wrong about most of the practical things:
In the very beginning of ‘The Phantom Menace’, Qui-Gon Jin warns the Jedi Council of Darth Maul.
Qui-Gon Jinn: He had all the lightsaber fighting capabilities and the moves of the Jedi, only faster and more aggressive. My only conclusion… is that it was a Sith Lord.
Ki-Adi-Mundi: Impossible! The Sith are extinct! They have been for nearly a millennium.
Mace Windu: I agree. The Sith would not have returned without us sensing it.
Yoda: Hard to see, the dark side is. We must investigate further before drawing a conclusion to the identity of your adversary.

Emperor Master Comrade Lord Overmind of Borg: Master Yoda, I find your lack of knowledge disturbing…and your ignorance most annoying.

     Ignorance is again proved hands down in the blockade situation:
The peaceful Republic that preceded the Clone Wars had, under the care-taking of the Jedi, achieved unprecedented levels of bureaucracy and corruption to the point where an independent entity could illegally blockade a world and the Republic did not act to stop it. All they did was to sent some Jedi to negotiate for a blockade release ! Why didn’t the Republic fleet unleash unmitigated action against such an act with is in direct violation of any decency principle ?
The Jedi were at the very least complicit if not out-right responsible for the Republic reaching this situation. Is that not itself evil, even if it’s a mild, passive form of it ? Yeap, it’s ignorance at least. They allowed corruption to flourish and then sustained it. Objectively, they are guilty of high treason against the Republic.

     Another example of ignorance, lack of knowledge and stupidity is when the Jedi Council decides to assign Anakin to attend Palpatine, even though they acknowledge, ‘It’s very dangerous, putting them together’. The two most dangerous Force users in the galaxy put together. What could go wrong ? As Captain Picard would say: ‘Not good enough, damn it, not good enough !’

This brigs us inevitable to the deception part we should to talk about a lot because it’s something happening world-wide now: the action if the exact opposite of the statement. (i.e. Pace is war.) But it is not the subject of this article.

     ‘There is no passion, there is serenity‘ is a pretty complex matter to study. First of all, what does passion got to do with serenity ? Well, nothing. Doesn’t the lack of passion lead to ignorance ? I think it does. While we can pick now on the exact definition of passion, it is clear that without it you have little to no interest in a subject, therefore you are very likely to ignore it.
Jedi seem to consider passion something chaotic instead of what it really is: something that gives you motivation, which is a positive constructive thing. So they view passion as dangerous. Again we can find various contradictions here. Take Anakin as example: passion was one of the main contributors that would lead Anakin to become a Jedi in the first place (just like it happened to many other Jedi), but then he talks about it as being a bad thing: ‘The Sith rely on their passion for their strength. They think inwards, only about themselves’.
And after all, isn’t the passion of the Jedi for being Jedi what’s motivating Apprentices to become Knights and then Knights to become Masters in the Order ?
Every single Jedi demonstrates a depth of feeling about something at some point. Consider Obi-Wan’s anguished cries after he mutilated Anakin, just as one well known basic example.

     Serenity problems: Aren’t the Jedi supposed to see the worth in all living things ?
Why then does (in Phantom Menace) Obi-Wan refers to Jar-Jar Binks as a ‘pathetic life form’ ?
Fact is, the Jedi place no value on non-Jedi lives whatsoever. The Jedi systematically prove they really couldn’t care less who they endanger or kill. Just watch the number of actions the Jedi take that might or actually will result in the deaths of non combatants or involve them killing someone in ‘self-defense’ who poses no actual credible threat to them. This is constantly proven by their action starting with endangering civilian lives and ending with the more genocidal actions.
     Now take a look at this even by them detected Jedi arrogance:
Obi-Wan: But he still has much to learn, Master. His abilities have made him… well, arrogant.
Yoda: Yes. Yes. A flaw more and more common among Jedi. Too sure of themselves they are. Even the older, more experienced ones.
Where’s the Serenity ? Seems to be missing. But there’s plenty of arrogance in the Jedi Order, that’s for sure.

     If you play Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic you will find several references of Jedi that use deception, that cheat and lie, that have no regard for human life (one even had a Soylent-Green-Type plant to make weapons of of dead body substances on Taris) or that pursue their own purposes.
There are also dozens of references of brainwashing and propaganda used on them by the Council Masters, the higher ranks. If you play light side as a Sith Warrior when you encounted them, they will be very amazed that you are not ‘pure evil’ as they were lead / programmed to believe. Many will be left very unbalanced because they are unable to process that you are not actually evil. In their brainwashed minds, The Sith and The Empire equal evil, so doing a good did in front of them will actually cause a lockdown in their brain and they will answer with something like ‘you gave me a lot to keep thinking about’.
This happens today just the same (i.e. Propaganda Machine states things like: The Russians are evil, the Chinese are evil, the Terrorists will attack you, the Aliens, etc … and while that propaganda is mostly working, the real evil is your own government that is oppressing you and turning you into an obedient meatbag slave).
Error 404: serenity not found.

     ‘There is no chaos, there is harmony‘ – Since Jedi suppose to not to be self-centric, this can refer to preventing chaos throughout the galaxy by keep the peace using harmony (macroscopic level). But the Jedi Generals leading armies kindof cause some Chaos and disharmony, don’t they ? And plenty of it !
The code part can also be related to the inner things (microscopic level). But then, if it’s a matter of inner self, isn’t that kind of selfish and comes in conflict with ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’ and theoretically selflessness ideology ?
It seems more like ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few except for the Jedi’ would be more fit for their case.

Of course in theory by having understanding and using meditation, they are able to find inner peace, but practically you cannot have light without dark, you cannot have peace without conflict. And their internal conflict is great. They are in a continuous internal conflict, compared to the Sith that have a clear general objective.

     So in the case of the Jedi, we have their internal conflict (trying to maintain their inner stability, serenity, etc) , their ideological conflict (that comes from the conflicting Jedi Code and forbidden knowledge) and their external conflict (they lead wars in the name of peace). Where is the peace in there ? They are in a triple continuous conflict. Definitely total chaos and no harmony.

     Here is a good example of provoked Chaos is the Clone Wars:
The Clone Wars all started with the passing of a Financial Reform Bill. Well, attempted passing. You see, here’s the trick in the moveis: giving the impressions that the Separatists were simply ‘bad guys’. The truth is way different: the commercially powerful systems of the galaxy wanted to control everything in the senate to keep their ‘capitalistic’ growth. The taxation and corruption of the Senate from top to bottom did not make the larger corporations revolt, but that was because they wanted to introduce a new financial reform to protect their exact interests. Before a vote could take place, the Senator representing the Commonality of trade planets was assassinated by a bribed Senate guard and the vote was canceled. This is something quite similar to todays corporations: big ones bribe politicians to make favorable laws for them while smaller ones are stripped of all chances to evolve.
Given that corruption, The Commonality broke off from the corrupt body and formed the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
While in the movies they were presented as a set of ‘bad’ characters, the Separatist Confederacy was made up of over 8 galactic governments, dozens of Republic Senators and spanned over 10,000 star systems.
The Jedi and Republic didn’t even formally recognize the group’s existence, choosing instead to defend the corrupt government and rather than address the Separatist concerns, simply wipe them out – another Genocide. MDK !
So the ‘guardians of peace’ went to full scale war and supported genocide instead of freedom. Guardians of corruption is more close to a valid naming for that era’s Jedi.

So far we have proven that there is no peace, their knowledge is restricted, they are ignorant and often get emotional, their serenity is near impossible to obtain just as their harmony and they are surrounded and live in both internal and external chaos.
So the Code should state so far: There is no peace, there is emotion. There is no knowledge, there is ignorance. There is no serenity, there is passion. There is no harmony, only chaos.

Even Yoda admits their system is not working: ‘Blind we are, of creation of this clone army we could not see.’ Ignorant Master Yoda was. This reminds me of the SWTOR intro when the Sith return. Same Jedi ignorance there too. While the Sith prepared 300 years, the Jedi stayed cock-in-hand enjoying their status under the corrupted Republic.

     Note also that Chaos is also unrelated to good or evil. You can be chaotic good or chaotic evil. See the alignment schematic from Neverwinter Nights to understand how alignments work.

     ‘There is no death, there is only the force‘ – this is a part that is present in every religion, the Jedi believe in an afterlife and becoming one with the Force after death. You don’t die, you go to ‘somewhere else’ where it’s better. Seems fine ? It’s actually not. It is the main part of the deception ! Think like this: you are constantly being told when bad things happen that ‘tomorrow’ will be better, that bad thins will go away, etc. Tomorrow is even worse, you do nothing again hoping for the new tomorrow and you eventually die. This culminates with ‘do not worry if you suffered all your life, you will die, go to heaven and be rewarded’.

Well, it’s just a DECEPTION. It will not happen. What kind of God would appreciate someone for being a kiss-ass slave all its life and lacking the balls to stand up to anything ? Think about that while you are being deceived next time. The deception is present in all religions because since they fail to practically help you, they will at least promise you something that you cannot validate if true.

Now if we look again at the Sith code, we will notice that unlike the Jedi code (where each statement is mostly separate, not directly related to the ones before it and each time in conflict with anything practical and/or with previous statements), the Sith code is something that builds on itself and evolves, much like the Sith following it.

Practically, the entire code could be taken as a personal mantra that any regular person could use in their every day life to gain general success. The views and teachings of the Sith Order more simple to grasp, and are well accepted and practiced within today’s society.

     The Sith seem more in depth into growth and bettering themselves not only as an Order, but as individuals. Power socially and personally – is the ability to effect change, to disrupt the status quo, to see a wrong and decide to make things better. Without power, nothing happens. Without power, you are just a slave. Amassing personal power and/or gathering the collective power of a group is the only way to can do this. We’ve seen this throughout history, time and again. That’s why most are practically slaves today, due to the lack of power. 1% are in power, 4% are the buffer zone and 95% are the slaves. The only bad thing about them is actually the rule of 2, a thing that imposes a limitation which in turn is not compliant with the original Sith code. More apprentices, more power ! No rule of 2, thank you.

The Sith have little to hide, and will therefore have no problems being open with the truth. They may only tell half the truth and not the entire story, but very rarely do they actually lie and twist their words around. They mostly declare their objectives and intentions in plain sight, even if they are inconvenient to be heard. But to see something, even in plain sight, you must first open your eyes. You should make a general check on the 6 SW episodes and you will conclude that the Jedi lie way too often.

     Here’s another very important aspect worth mentioning: many extremely powerful Jedi Masters turned to the Dark Side, which proves multiple things like that the Light side is insufficient for them, that the teachings of the Jedi are flawed to allow such ‘corruption’.
Note that most of those are among the most powerful Force useres ever !

Kreia – Initially a well respected and powerful Jedi Historian in the time of the Mandalorian Wars fell into disfavor as her apprentice Revan, and her teachings were used as justification for defying the will of the Council to combat the Mandalorians. She was banished from the Order as a result but did not stop, eventually becaming Darth Traya. Her skills with a lightsaber were profound for someone so devoted to Force lore itself, able to telekinetically wield three blades at once while also mastering several forms of combat with her own fourth personal blade. She also possessed the ability to ‘see’ with the Force, like the Miralukas. Her perceptive abilities were so advanced that she could forsee events with great clarity even thousands of years after her time, even ones such as Jango Fett’s death. Her general influence has shaped the galactic history for millennia to come.

Revan – The greatest Jedi Master and he became the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith of his day. He broke off from the Order when he felt they were too complacent in handling the Mandalorian Wars situation. He was also the first to break from the Emperors’ mind control and become a Sith Lord all his own, rather than a pawn of the Emperor. As Dark Lord of the Sith, Revan and his apprentice Malak rebuilt the Sith Empire into a force to be reckoned with once again.

Darth Desolous (cca 3522 BBY) – was a male Pau’an Jedi Master prior to becoming a Sith Lord. After he studied Sith teachings and was expelled from the Jedi Order, he became Lord of the Sith.

Darth Ruin – Born as Phanius was an Umbaran Jedi Master who left the Jedi Order and then became a Dark Lord of the Sith who lived over two millennia before the Battle of Yavin. Seeing the flaws in the Jedi Code, he created his own Force code to live by called ‘the creed of Ruin’: “There is no passion. There is solely obsession.; There is no knowledge. There is solely conviction.; There is no purpose. There is solely will.; There is nothing. Only me.”

Ajunta Pall – A Jedi Master at the time of the First Great Schism, Ajunta Pall would become the forebear to much of the darkness in the galaxy as the first Dark Lord of the Sith ever. Pall was disgusted by what he felt was arrogance on the Order’s part and with his followers, declared war on the Jedi which led to the Hundred Year Darkness when Jedi fought Dark Jedi in a bloody civil war. After being eventually defeated he settled on Korriban where he discovered a race of relatively primitive Force-sensitives known as the Sith.

Freedon Nadd – Once a gifted Jedi in the earlier days of the Order, Nadd would go on to become one of the most powerful and influential Dark Lords of the Sith in his or any time. Naturally gifted with the Force, able to master techniques that only advanced Jedi Masters themselves possessed, before he began his actual Jedi training. Due to the thirst for more knowledge, he eventually killed his master and became the apprentice of Naga Sadow.

Ulic Qel-Droma – One of the most complex beings in Galactic history, Ulic was a renowned Jedi Knight in his time and eventually Sith apprentice to Exar Kun with whom he raged war on the Republic.

Darth Kray – initially A’Sharad Hett, he rose to prominence during the Clone Wars, attaining the rank of Knight and then Master, befriending and accompanying Anakin and Obi-Wan on several missions. After surviving Order 66 He returned to his homeworld of Tatooine and became leader of the Tusken Raiders. He would later become a bounty hunter ending up on Korriban where he secretly reconstituted the Sith Empire, abolishing the Rule of Two in favor of a Rule of One (that one being the Empire itself). Eventually he would reveal himself to Luke Skywalker when the two, Jedi and Sith combined, combated and finally defeated the monster Abeloth. Krayt was a Jar’Kai specialist throughout his life, able to wield two blades at a time and it was this skill that made him a legend over several eras of combat. His mastery of the Force was immense, such that its darkness could be felt by every Sith in the galaxy when he applied his will. His Force lightning could obliterate stone columns but destruction was not his greatest ability. His Force healing was incredible, suffering years of torture and wounds over many decades he was able to heal himself each and every time to emerge stronger still. After years of self stasis, Krayt would emerge to lead the Sith against the Republic once more some 130 years after the Battle of Yavin when Luke was no longer alive. He brought the Republic and the Order to its knees once more, destroying their long held peace and ruling the galaxy for the better part of a decade to come.

Karness Muur – Maybe less known, he was one of the earliest and strongest Lords of the Sith, Karness fell to the Dark Side and was banished by the Order along with the original Dark Jedi that would go on to become the Sith Empire as we know it. As the Great Schism tore the Order apart, the Dark Jedi were exiled and fled to Korriban, homeworld of the Sith (which it should be noted, most people don’t quite know the Sith were actually a species that the Dark Jedi ended up enslaving and mating with, thus essentially assimilating them and becoming known thenceforth themselves over time as ‘Sith’.) After the subjugation of the Sith, Muur delved much further into his sorcery and alchemy, revolutionizing both areas in the Dark Side for millennia to come. His skills were almost unparalleled, advancing Sith power to new heights as he created ‘Sithspawn’, creatures of immense twisted power like Leviathans and Rakghouls (non force-sensitive beings transformed into monsters).

Darth Malak – Dark Lord of the Sith after Revan’s redemption, Malak was also at one point a Jedi Knight along side his onetime best friend and eventually Sith Master when he followed Revan to the Dark Side at the end of the Mandalorian Wars.

Count Dooku – One of the Jedi Order’s most respected and venerable Masters at one time, Dooku would eventually become the spearhead for the Seperatist movement that helped lead to the start of the infamous Clone Wars. You well know what happened to him.

Skere Kaan – A male Human Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order in the last years of the New Sith Wars before defecting to become a Dark Lord of the Sith and creating the Brotherhood of Darkness within the reorganized Sith Empire, earning him the nickname of the “Dark One”.

The fact that they turn to the Dark side also shows that being a Jedi is just part of a Force Masters’s development, the half I talked about in the begining of the article.

     Given all the above, I find it weird how the Jedi are still considered to be the ‘good guys’, and the Sith are considered the ‘bad guys’.

     From an evolutionary perspective, there’s nothing innate to the Sith or their Code that makes them evil. Indeed, the values they hold are all about self-empowerment to bring about change and throw off oppression in all its forms (which is not evil either). The Jedi, by contrast, are about stagnancy, dependency and suppression of the self. Who will evolve more eventually ? Not the Jedi !

     In today’s society a very interesting thing occurs: while western leaders declare constantly their ‘good intentions’ but bomb the hell out of any opposition and use false-flag to gain more power, the rest of the world are considered the ‘bad guys’ just because they want to keep their freedom intact and not comply into slavery.
Does that make simple humanity and society ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ ? No… it’s the oppressors that make genocide in the name of ‘peace’ that are closest to ‘bad’ and ‘evil, not the ones that oppose it.

     So next time when you view the Jedi as the ‘good guys’ or the Sith as the ‘bad guys’, think about it a little more.
And don’t think of ‘a galaxy far, far away’, think for the country you currently live in and the leaders you have. And also you may sk yourself if some characters in the world’s religion may have been in the same situation, assuming they were not 100% fictional.

     The Force itself does not have a dark or light side alignment. It is one. It exists in perfect balance. The whole Universe is designed to be a duality. How it works is explained in the Clone Wars animated series. The Ones were a family of exceptionally powerful Force wielders. Led by the Father, the Son and Daughter were embodiments of the Dark and Light sides of the Force, respectively. Watch the episodes related to this as they are more interesting even than the recent SW Ep7 movie.
     Remember, it is your actions that determine your alignment, not the Force itself. But be aware that your actions may have unforeseen consequences. The Force is with you, but do you have enough willpower and inner strength to actually use it ?

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The most secure browser in the world is and always was Opera – [En]

        I have seen a lot of debates on various tech forums about which browser is the safest one (or the fastest one). While speed is a very debatable thing, when it comes to security things are pretty precise. Being tired of arguing with various cows or oxes I did a little digging and I found the browser security statistics from CISCO, the largest network equipment manufacturer and provider in the world.

        This is the up to current date stat with browser vulnerability:


        You can check that out directly on the CISCO website if you visit this after a few years and need a more updated version. As you can see, Opera IS the safest browser since ever and probably will continue to be. Now you barking doggies that are over-fanatic about failfox and chrome take a deep breath and just think about another fact: Opera invented pretty much everything the rest of the browsers just copy-pasted, starting with tabs, going through dozens of things it would be futile to mention and ending up with the Speed Dial latest big thing that the rest just renamed and copied.
        The course rests. The case is closed.

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How to identify 18650 cell capacity by color / code and how to tell fakes from real – [En]

        Before anything, I’ll briefly explain what 18650 cells are and what uses they may have. I have worked a lot with 18650 cells and I used them for pretty much anything that needs power.
        Basically, they are Li-Ion cells, that means they have the same overall parameters as a now-days phone battery. Their nominal voltage is 3.7V or 3.6V, but this is not too relevant. What’s important to note is that they are fully charged at 4.2V and they are considered discharged at 3.3V. Overcharging or excessively discharging them will shorten their lifetime.
        The cells can be used for quite a lot of applications: flashlights, lasers, measurement tools, even power tools (but in this case some special ones are used that can provide higher current and have lower capacity – I will not discuss the tech details here). Practically, anything that used to be able to work with 3 AA/R6 or AAA/R3 batteries can be safely used with an 18650 cell. If the space conditions are met, it’s really good to have only one standard type of cell for anything. It’s very useful instead of having various sizes of rechargeable batteries.
        Now, to get to the point of the article: there are many dozens of types of 18650 cells that can be found in shops, on-line sites or laptop batteries. I will try to explain here how to find the correct capacity for the biggest 18650 cell manufacturers around. Note that ripping old laptop batteries is a good near-free way to acquire cells. Usually, you will find a dead pair, a good pair and 1-2 intermediary ones (assuming there are 3/4 pairs in the battery). Most of the time the cells that have 2V+ when ripped out can recover most of their capacity when charged, while the ones under 1V are no longer usable and will overheat if you try to charge them.
        There are 4 very big companies that produce (used to be) very good quality cells: Samsung, Sanyo, Sony and LG. And there’s also the 99.998% fakes called Ultrafire. Practically, all Ultrafire cells on the online market that state any capacity over 3000mAh are fakes. Since there are other fake cells with fake-stated capacity, I’ll tell you how to detect them too. Fist of all, they have stated capacities of over 4000mAh, which is not currently possible. The best confirmed capacity original cell at this point has 3400mAh. Second, their weight is lighter. Original cells are 45grams+. Fakes have mostly under 40g, and the worst quality ones are even 20g. Those have an effective capacity of under 500mAh, even if they state 4000mAh+ on the label.
        Now, for each of the 4 big companies I’ll tell you how to see what actual capacity a cell is. I’ll also post RGB values, since the pictures may not look 100% like the original.

        Most Samsung cells in circulation are kind of Cyan color (RGB: 80,255,255). Note that other smaller companies use this color, but only the Samsungs have Samsung written on them.
Here is the color I’m talking about – in this picture we have a 2000mAh cell. Same color can be found for 2200mAh (most common) and 2400mAh.
The 2000mAh ones can also be light blue (RGB: 40,200,255).
Light green (RGB: 15,240,115) is used by Samsung for 2200mAh and 2400mAh cells:
The majority of the 2200mAh cells are Cyan, like the pic with the 2000 ones. The green version is the newer 2200 model.
Most 2400 mAh cells are DarkSkyblue (RGB: 0,120,240):
The 2600 mAh cells from Samsung come in only one color so far – Ugly Pink (RGB: 255,128,255):
Note that it’s more pink/ugly when seen live.
Samsung also has 3000mAh cells on the market, which are not that ugly as the pink ones (RGB: 100,133,200):
Since for 2000,2200 and 2400 mAh cell things can get confusing when it comes to colors, the best way to identify capacity is from the end of the line number in the first text line on the cell (the row where it says 18650). As you can see in the pictures, that’s exactly what 20,22,24,26 and 30 mean – it’s the capacity tag for any Samsung cells. So there you have it, you can now identify any Samsung cell.

Most Sanyo cells are RED (RGB: 255,0,0), or the new fakeRED (RGB: 255,0,64) that’s infested with blue (we’ll talk about that later). They are the most hard to identify overall.

This is how a real red cell suppose to look like (RGB: 255,0,0):
The 2000mAh original ones are indeed red by any standards. The cap is white. So if it’s pure red ones it’s 2000mAh capacity. The newer ones were also fakered (RGB: 255,0,64), but the cap is still white.
Here they are:

The 2200mAh cells and above are fakered (RGB: 255,0,64). It’s hard to detect in a picture, but there’s a clear tendency towards purple for those.
You can tell the cells that have 2200mAh capacity be the RED cap. Yes, the cap is true red, unlike the rest of the cell.
The 2600mAh ones are also fakered (RGB: 255,0,64), but those have cyan cap. Don’t get tricked by the red in the picture, it’s a lot more towards purple in practice:

The new 2800 and 3100 capacity models are orange and purple, but I haven’t seen any yet, so I won’t post them yet.

The high power cells (like the high current 1500mAh ones used in power tools) have a pink or light blue cap.
So, to identify the Sanyo cell, you’ll have to use actual color nuance and cap color, since the series written on them are most of the time barely visible.
Still, I’ll list the known series so you know what’s what if you can actually read it from the cell:

UR18650EA 2350mAh High Drain
UR18650RX 2050mAh High Drain
UR18650W2 1600mAh High Drain
UR18650WX 1600mAh High Drain
UR18650A 2250mAh Standard
UR18650AA 2250mAh Standard
UR18650ZY 2600mAh Standard
UR18650ZT 2700mAh High Capacity
UR18650ZTA 3000mAh High Capacity

They are part of the above, so I did not consider them a separate company.
Panasonic has 3 common cells in circulation.

The lime-green (RGB: 200,255,127) has 2250mAh:

There is a 2900mAh cell that is ugly grey (RGB: 163,163,163) :

Their newer blue-infested green (RGB: 0,255,127 ) cell has 3100mAh:

Sony are standard green (RGB: 0,183,0). All of them are the same green so we’ll have to identify them differently. The way to identify them is the G-number.
On the second line, the first number after the G is the capacity identifier.
Here’s the 2200mAh cell:
Here we have the 2400mAh cell:
And finally the 2600mAh one:

As you can see, the 2000mAh cell is marked with G5, the 2400 one with G7 and the 2600 one with G8.
That’s how to tell them apart. There’s also another important difference for the 2600mAh cell: it’s case does not cover the bottom at all, unlike the 2200 and 2400 ones there it’s bent and covers about 1mm of the bottom part. I think 2400mAh cells do exist that have no bottom cover also, but are in significantly smaller number.

Last one in the big league is LG. In their case, the series on the cells are a big mess and will never make sense unless you search for them and even then you may not find anything relevant. But the good thing is that they can be identified very easy by color.
The 2000mAh cells are pale orange (RGB: 255,155,112); they can still be found around:

The 2200mAh are grey (RGB: 172,172,183). They are still one of the most common LG cells:

Probably the most used LG cell today is the 2600mAh one which is orange (RGB: 255,155,63):

LG also has some new cells rated at 3100mAh (RGB 147,147,255):
No, they’re not as ugly as the Samsung pink but not very pleasant to look at either.

As you see, the good way to identify LG cells is directly by color.

        So there you have it – each one has a trick: for Samsung you have to check the tag at the end of the line, for Sanyo the cap for Sony the G-spot and for LG just the cell color.

        If you have any unidentified cell, don’t hesitate to post a link with a picture of it and I’m sure we can find what’s with it.

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Updated Oxford Dictionary: Demoncracy

Pronunciation: diːmənkrəsi
Archaic form: Democracy
A totalitarian system of government controller by a ruling elite of preselected representatives that manipulates all aspects of the life of the oppressed enslaved citizens under it while offering them the illusion of choice.
The illusion of choice is maintained by constant usage of propaganda, deception and mind-manipulation techniques. The choice itself always has a predetermined result and predetermined options.
If the obedience tactics, based on generating fear and false-flag events, have failed to maintain the oppressor control any opposing (anti-demoncratic) forces are oppressed or eliminated by any means necessary.

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Updated Oxford Dictionary: Capigtalism

Pronunciation: ˈkapgɪt(ə)lɪsm
Archaic form: capitalism
An enslavement system in which a country’s trade, industry and population are illegally assimilated and controlled by private owners for profit, with the target objectives of enslaving 99% of humans for the good of 1%, complete assimilation and ownership of all assets and resources and complete control of the country’s infrastructure, land, assets, military, media, private organizations and political leadership by using any means necessary including but not only: propaganda, bribery, enslavement, corruption, large-scale environmental contamination, assassination of any opposing forces and genocide.

The principles of Capigtalism can be found here:
Disguised principles of capigtalism

Pronunciation: ˈkapgɪt(ə)lɪst

A person who uses their wealth to create even more wealth with disregard to anything (including environment, morality and human life) in accordance with the principles of capgitalism: the creation of extreme wealth and power for himself and enslavement for everyone else.

Supporting or based on the principles of capigtalism:
Capigtalist countries, capigtalist companies.

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SUA – Noua Germanie Nazista

Statele Unite ale Americii = Germania Nazista in versiune 2.0 actualizata.

Mai jos, va prezint 25 de asemanari intre cele doua Sisteme.



# Sistem Nazisti SUA
1. Monitorizarea cetatenilor DA DA+
2. Umilinta morala DA DA
3. Control al persoanelor fara necesitate sau explicatie DA DA
4. Chieltuieli guvernamentale in continua crestere DA DA+
5. Legalizarea avortului DA DA+
6. Programe de eutanasiere DA DA
7. Adevarul dictat de sistem DA DA
8. Trupe de opresiune interne DA DA
9. Controlul armelor DA DA
10. Deficit bugetar mare mentinut artificial DA DA
11. Taxe crescute /austeritate DA DA
12. Controlul de piata pentru afaceri DA DA
13. Regularizare totala a guvernulu DA DA
14. Sistem de sanatate preluat de guvern DA DA
15. Sistem educational nationalizat, eliminarea religiei DA DA
16. Copii luati cu forta de catre stat DA DA
17. Batjocorirea crestinilor DA DA
18. Permisivitatea sexuala excesiva DA DA
19. Societate militarizata DA DA
20. Numar foarte mare de detinuti DA DA
21. Paranoia la putere DA DA
22. Controlul cetatenilor prin frica DA DA
23. Arestarea opozitiei sistemului DA DA
24. Dominatia de dreapta DA DA
25. Industrie bazata pe armament si razboi DA DA

1. Monitorizarea cetatenilor

Germania nazista era un stat totalitar unde fiecare cetatean german era monitorizat.
Prin Patriot Act, in SUA, tot ce se spune si se face este monitorizat.
CIA si NSA monitorizeaza telefoanele, activitatea pe internet, conturile bancare si tot ce misca prin camerele si microfoanele aflate la toate colturile de strada. Drone spioneaza tot continuu.
S-a ajuns asa de departe incat se inspecteaza pachetele de mancare ale prescolarilor.
USA Patriot Act extinde posibilitatea Guvernului de a executa perchezitii fara mandat, acorda procurorului general puterea de a detine pe termen nelimitat persoane si extinde definitia ‘terorismului’ pentru a incadra acolo orice nesupunere civila.

2. Umilinta morala

Cei cu poztii importante in Germania nazista se distrau fortind cetatenii sa fie umiliti moral.
In SUA, TSA te gadila in toate gaurelele la trecerea printr-un aeroport, iar sistemul este acum extins si in statii de metrou si gari.
Se confisca bunuri si se cer tot felul de acte doveditoare. Sint controlati dezbracati chiar si studenti si prescolari. Abuzurile TSA sint bine documentate si cunoscute.

3. Control al persoanelor fara necesitate sau explicatie

In Germania nazista, putei fi oprit oricind si controlat fara vreo explicatie.
Identic se intampla si in SUA. Sint controale la statii de autobuz, gari, metrou, mall-uri. Daca n-ai acte e foarte posibil sa ajungi la puscarie. Aceste proceduri incalca direct constitutia SUA.

4. Chieltuieli guvernamentale in continua crestere

Sub conducerea lui Hitler, chieluielile guvernamentale au crescut semnificativ.
SUA are o datorie externa mai mare decat restul Planetei la un loc, insumind in acest moment peste 18 000 de miliarde de $. Bugetul militar al SUA este mai mare decat al tuturor celorlalte tari la un loc.

5. Legalizarea avortului

Sub Hitler, s-a legalizat avortul.
Si in SUA s-a legalizat si este si foarte incurajat prin programul ‘Planned Parenthood’, care este de fapt un program totalitar de control al populatiei.

6. Programe de eutanasiere/extermianre in masa

Nazistii eutanasitat peste 250000 de persoane cu handicap si nebuni.
Ceva aproape similar se intampla in SUA prin programul Obamacare, plus eutanasierea copiilor inca nenascuti. De asemenea, s-a introdus in unele state obligativitatea aplicarii de ‘tratamente medicale’ populatiei, chiar daca ei sunt perfect sanatori (exemplu: vaccinare obligatorie).
Substante toxice folosite de nemti cum ar fi Florura si Zyklon B (gazul folosit la otravirea prizonierilor) sunt acum in toata SUA. Apa potabila este florurata masiv iar gazul respectiv este produs de baza in pesticidele folosite pe culurile de organisme modificate generic.

7. Adevarul dictat de sistem

Hitler a interzis emisia de informatii contradictorii cu ‘adevarul’ dictat de sistem.
Regimul a ordonat ca toate ziarele si posturile de radio contra sistem sa fie inchise si s-a infiintat biroul de propaganda.
In SUA, adevarul este dictat la nivel inalt si transmis prin canalele de propaganda care toate sint detinute de aceiasi indivizi.
Hate Crime Reporting Act are in vedere interzicearea parerilor contra sistem. Toata media SUA este controlata foarte exact, de aceleasi puteri comune. ‘Adevarul’ este acum dictat in mod legal si de motorul de cautare Google, care are dreptul de a stabili rezutatele cautarii in functie de ce considera el a fi adevarat.

8. Trupe de opresiune interne

Nazistii aveau trupele SS.
SUA are Homeland Defense, care pot aresta pe termen nelimitat si lipsi de drepturi pe oricine oricind, sub acuzatia de posibil terorism. Tortura fara nici un fel de limita a cetatenior nedoriti de stat este de asemenea o practica in acest moment.

9. Controlul armelor

In Germania nazista, controlul armelor era o mare problema.
La fel este si in SUA. Se vrea confiscarea armelor cu orice pret. Institutiile-agentii ale statului organizeaza si sponsorizeaza atacuri cu arme pentru a inlesni trecerea la o legislatie care sa interzica armele. Doar ca in cele mai restrictionate zone, criminalitatea este cea mai ridicata.

10. Deficit bugetar mare mentinut artificial

In Germania nazista, deficitul era mentinut artificial la nivel inalt pentru a sustine dependentele a milioane de persoane ajutoarele guvernametale.
In SUA, un peste sfert din familii beneficiaza de tichete de alimente (a nu se confunda cu bonurile de masa; tichetele se acorda ca ajutor saracilor).

11. Taxe crescute /austeritate

Pentru a sustine dependentele de stat, Hitler a crescut semnificativ taxele.
In SUA, mai mult de 50% din venitul cuvenit unui angajat se duce la stat.

12. Controlul de piata pentru afaceri

In Germania nazista, orice afacere care nu se incadra in schema generala de control era eliminata.
In SUA, micii producatori sint eliminati de pe piata, iar marile companii ii pot si da in judecata pentru diverse absurditati.
Spre exemplu, daca o samanta modificata genetic de la o mare companie ajunge pe plantatia unui privat si de acolo iese o planta, compania il poate da in judecata pe respectivul pentru folosirea neautorizata a brevetelor companiei.

13. Regularizare totala a guvernului

In Germania nazista, guvernul regulariza cam tot si conceptul de piata libera nu prea exista.
In SUA, totul e asa de reglementat incat doar companiile foarte mari si cu foarte multi $ mai au acces pe piata. A aparut conceptul de monopol-caracatita.

14. Sistem de sanatate preluat de guvern

In Germania nazista, sistemul de sanatate fusese preluat de guvern.
In SUA, a fost preluat complet prin Obamacare. Din p.d.v. legislativ, in SUA statul acum te poate obliga sa ‘beneficiezi’ de ‘tratament medical’ obligatoriu, chiar daca asta incalca drepturile omului si constitutia.

15. Sistem educational nationalizat, eliminarea religiei

In Germania nazista, sistemul educational a fost nationalizat si religia eliminata din scoli.
Exact asta se intampla in scolile publice din SUA. Sistemul de scolarizare acasa este atacat din toate partile si pus intr-o imagine negativa.

16. Copii luati cu forta de catre stat

In Germania nazista, statul avea mare grija de copii. Erau recrutati cu forta de catre stat.
In SUA, au asa de mare grija incat daca nu-i otravesti prin vaccinare sau chimicale, daca nu-i indoctrinezi conform programului de stat sau daca-i lasi sa se joace singuri in aer liber iti sint luati cu forta de catre stat.
‘Child Protective Services’ a ajuns cea mai temuta agentie guvernamentala din SUA, mai temuta si decat Fiscul (IRS).

17. Batjocorirea crestinilor

Pe vremea lui Hitler, crestinii erau batjocoriti si luati la misto.
Asta se intampla acum si in SUA. Chiar Obama face misto de Biblie si Iisus.

18. Permisivitatea sexuala excesiva

Tot in acea vreme, in Germania se incuraja permisivitatea sexuala.
In SUA s-a mers pana la a se interzice termenul de sot si sotie in acete oficiale pe cauza de discriminare. Legislatie asemanatoare se implementeaza pentru cuvintele ‘discriminatoare’ ‘el’ si ‘ea’.

19. Societate militarizata

In Germania nazista, societatea a devenit foarte militarizata.
In SUA, fortele de politie sunt dotate inclusiv cu blindate si munitii antipersonal. Fortele de politie omoara anual mai multi cetateni decat toti teroristii si atacurile animale la un loc.
Au mers pana la arunca grenade peste copii de 1 an.

20. Numar foarte mare de detinuti

In Germania pusariile erau pline de dadeau p-afara.
SUA are 25% din puscariasii Planetei, de 5 ori mai mult decat media internationala.

21. Paranoia la putere

Pe vremea lui Hitler, paranoia era la putere.
In SUA, este considerata activitate suspecta daca citezi ceva din constitutie, daca platesti cu bani lichizi, daca esti nervos, daca ai mai multe telefoane mobile, daca ceri o anume camera la hotel, daca ai prea multe bagaje, daca iti schimbi freza, daca esti jurnalist, daca detii aur, daca porti gluga, daca detii o duba, daca iei notite pe hartie …si foarte multe altele.

22. Controlul prin frica si lideri cu putere suprema

Germania a foloit frica pentru a controla cetatenii.
Hitler si nazistii au dat vina pe comunisti pentru incedierea Reichstagului pe data de 27 Februarie 27 1933. Asta a declansat o adevarata isterie anti-comunista.
Nazistii nationalisti au obtinut o majoritate suficienta de locuri in Reichstag pana pe 5 Martie. Apoi, i-au oferit lui Hitler putere totala.
Similar, cabala capitalista a dat vina distrugerilor de la 11 Spetembrie pe ‘teroristi’. In 2012, Erick Holder – procurorul general cu strinse legaturi cu Wall Street si marii bancheri a declarat ca presedintilor SUA li se confera putere totala, printre altele incluzind puterea de a asasina orice cetatean SUA fara nici un fel de proces initial.
SUA organizeaza chiar atentate pentru a mentine frica prin mentinerea imaginii unui inamic de fapt inexistent. Au folosit Sovieticii ca sperietoare, apoi au fost nevoiti sa inventeze diverse organizatii teroriste. Probabil o sa urmeze si extrateresti.

23. Arestarea opozitiei sistemului

In Germania, cei ce vorbeau contra sistemului erau arestati.
In SUA, cei ce vorbesc contra-sistem sunt arestati pe termen nelimitat (de la Patriot Act si Homeland Defense legea le permite). Cei ce nu-s arestati sint eliminati. Vedeti citi cercetatori si doctori au fost ‘sinucisi’ doar in ultimii 2 ani.
Tot in SUA, avem Centre speciale de detentie pentru proprii cetateni, unde acolo respectivii nu mai beneficiaza de nici un fel de drepturi. Doar in Chicago, peste 7000 de cetateni au disparut in centrul de detentie al CIA, fara sa se dea vreo justificare pentru aceasta actiune.

24. Dominatia de dreapta

Germania nazista era complet controlata de un sistem de extrema dreapta.
In SUA, exista democratia doar ca iluzie a alegerii. Totul este controlat de un numar foarte mic de personaje, iar 1% din afaceristi detin mai mult ca 95% din oamenii de rand.

25. Industrie bazata pe armament si razboi

Germania nazista ajunsese sa converteasca majoritatea industriei pentru a-si sustine masina de razboi.
In SUA, cel mai mare profit il realizeaza coproratiile producatoare de armament, restul industriei fiind majoritar externa. Corporatiile au ajuns sa detina armate proprii, suprastatale, independente de guverne si imposibil de tras la raspundere.
Toata aceasta industrie este sustinuta prin conflictele artificiale la care SUA participa in afara granitelor.

Mai grav este ca si multe tari aliate SUA adopta aceleasei masuri, ori pe cont propriu ori le implementeaza prin ordin direct de la U.E., in cazul tarilor membre U.E.

Pentru exemple concrete de la orice cateorie din cele de mai sus, nu ezitati sa ma contactati.

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Dictaturometrul in Romania: s-a depasit 90% !

Dictaturometru – indece care masoara nivelul de dictatura si totalitarism dintr-un stat sau uniune de state

Valoare Dictaturometru in Romania ( Dictatura vs libertate ):

[|||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |||||||||| |

In Romania, situatia se prezinta foarte nasol, probabil doar SUA ne mai intrece la nivelul general de opresiune. Explicatiile le puteti gasi mai jos:

– Oamenii servesc toti Guvernul in loc ca guvernul sa serveasca oamenii [DA]
– Presedintele este un Monarh cu mandat limitat si declara ce considera el sau ce i se ordona dar in numele tarii [DA]
– Presedintele presupune ca tot ce face este legal pentru ca el e presedinte [DA]
– Presedintele sau parlamentul pot declara razboi fara referendum[DA]
– Parlamentul nu mai este limitat de lege si isi extinde autoritatea asupra tuturor aspectelor vietii umane [DA]
– Constitutia nu se mai aplica [DA]
– Constitutia nu mai este legea suprema in stat [DA]
– Organele justitiei nu se mai iau dupa constitutie pentru a determina daca o lege este constitutionala [DA]
– Constitutia a fost modificata sau alternata in secret sau indirect [DA]
– Guvernul poate dicta legi si impune taxe ingorand constitutia [DA]

– Guvernul te poate spiona fara mandat [DA]
– Guvernul te poate omora oricand fara consecinte [DA]
– Guvernul decide ca puterea lui e automat suprema si contitutionala [DA]
– Guvernul dicteaza adevarul prin lege [DA]
– Devine periculos si chiar ilegal sa ai dreptate [DA]
– Ai nevoie de permisiune din partea guvernului pentru a vorbi, a te aduna, a protesta impotriva lui [DA]
– Exista simboluri, insemne, scrieri literare, opere de arta sau alte creatii artistice interzise prin lege [DA]
– Cei cu alta parere decat cea oficiala sunt suprimati, amendati, arestati sau executati [DA]
– Nu mai esti in siguranta pe propria proprietate [DA]
– Procurorii isi pot scrie propriile mandate [NU]

– Dreptul de port arma il au doar forele militarizate de opresiune [DA]
– Exista mai multa politie decat armata [DA]
– Armata are dreptul sa actioneze impotriva civililor [NU]
– Exista politie militarizata [DA]
– Politia arata si se comporta ca niste trupe de ocupatie [NU]
– Poti fi pus la munca silnica daca se considera necesar [DA]
– Esti obligat sa ‘beneficiezi’ de ‘tratamente’ medicale obligatorii [NU]
– Esti obligat sa ‘beneficiezi’ de servicii sau bunuri nesolicitate [DA]
– In facturile serviciilor de care beneficiezi se introduc aditional taxe abuzive [DA]
– In facturile serviciilor de care beneficiezi se introduc aditional alte servicii obligatorii [DA]

– Autoritatile te poate rejudeca pana obtine rezultatul dorit [DA]
– Autoritatile pot decide daca ai dreptul la o judecata cinstita sau nu [DA]
– Poti fi retinut si torturat pe termen nelimitat [NU]
– Avocatii sau alte organe statale intimideaza persoanele implicate in actul de judecata [DA]
– Peronalitatile politice au imunitate in fata legii sau beneficiaza de pedepse reduse [DA]
– Nu mai exista separare a puterilor in stat [DA]
– Conducerea institutiilor publice si chiar a companiilor private e numita politic [DA]
– Votarea nu mai inseamna nimic pentru ca partidele sunt de acesi parte [DA]
– Mijloacele de informare in masa sunt controlate de aceleasi forte [DA]
– Mijloacele de informare in masa prezinta variante denaturate, incorecte sau complet false a evenimentelor [DA]

– Statul castiga mai mult de 50% din suma cuvenita unui salariat [DA]
– Ti se limiteaza sau interzice folosirea banilor lichizi in favoarea celor electronici [DA]
– Dobanda ofertia de banci clientilor este mult mai mica decat cea solicitata de la clienti in cazul impurmuturilor [DA]
– Nu poti face schimb de proprietati fara sa platesti taxe [DA]
– Guvernul face datorii externe in numele tarii si al cetatenilor [DA]
– Bancile pot imprumuta bani care nu au acoperire [DA]
– Bancile au dreptul sa-ti confiste locuinta [DA]
– Bancile iti pot confisca oricand sumele detinute in conturile lor [DA]
– Banca centrala a tarii este subordonata bancilor internationale [DA]
– Tara este indatorata intitutiilor financiare externe [DA]

– Etichetarea produselor alimentare este ambigua, incorecta sau incompleta [DA]
– Anumite alimente de baza contin obligatoriu chimicale reglementate prin lege [DA]
– Produse re-vandute se pot re-taxa [DA]
– Nu poti presta, ca persoana fizica, activitati indpendente care sa iti aduca un venit propriu, netaxat [DA]
– Nu poti vinde legal, pe cont propriu si fara autorizatie propriile produse [DA]
– Esti taxat obligatoriu chiar daca nu ai nici un fel de venit [DA]
– Legile sustin afacerile firmelor private in detrimentul cetatenilor [DA]
– Legile constrang cetatenii la plata de asigurari obligatorii catre firme private [DA]
– Esti obligat la controale periodice la domicilui iar in caz contrar ti se sisteaza furnizarea de servicii [DA]

– Dreptul de confidentialitate nu mai exista [NU]
– S-a renuntat la principiul de nevinovatie [NU]
– Minoritatile au mai multe drepturi decat cetatenii autohtoni [DA]
– Strainii au dreptul de a cumpara teren sau parti din infrastructura tarii [DA]
– In pozitii de conducere la nivel local sau guvernamental exista straini [DA]
– Puterile suprastatale interzic datini, traditii sau obiceiuri [DA]
– Companiile au mai multe drepturi, mai multe libertati si mai putine obigatii decat cetatenii [DA]
– Rezultatele de la referendum nu se aplica efectiv [DA]

– Nu ai voie sa te aperi prin orice mijloace de atacuri/atacatori care iti pun in pericol viata [DA]
– Nu poti renunta la cetatenie din proprie initiativa fara a avea alta [DA]
– Esti indatorat din nastere [DA]
– Accesul la sistemul medical este restrictionat [DA]
– Starea de sanatate este monitorizata la nivel individual [DA]
– Produsele nocive, artificiale sunt promovate in detrimentul celor sigure, naturale [DA]
– Se utilizeaza pe scara larga produse chimice sau biologice netestate sau chiar demonstrate a fi nocive [DA]
– Ai nevoie de permis pentru a achizitiona medicamente de baza [DA]
– Medicamentele ieftine si dovedite clinic se inlocuiesc cu unele de import, scumpe si netestate [DA]
– Biserica a devenit foarte corupta si are ca scop principal profitul. [DA]

– Ai nevoie de autorizatie ca sa intri in greva [DA]
– Continutul vehiculelor private este reglementat prin lege [DA]
– Legislatia externa suprascrie legistaltia tarii [DA]
– Furnizorii de internet sunt obligati prin lege sa stocheze date de indentificare clienti [DA]
– Tara este implicata in razboi extern nejustificat [DA]
– Invatamantul are rol propagandistic, de indoctrinare [DA]
– Accesul la invatamantul este conditionat de terti factori [DA]
– Diplomele se obtin mai usor prin mita decat prin studiu [DA]
– Locurile publice sunt monitorizate video [DA]
– Mijloacele de transport in comun sunt monitorizate [DA]

– E necesara autorizatie pentru (sau chiar e interzis) a folosi resurse ale mediului inconjurator (apa, aer) [DA]

– Proprietatea privata ti se poate confisca oricand [DA]
– Poti fi expropriat oricand [DA]
– Infrastructura construita independent poate fi nationalizata [DA]
– Nu ai dreptul sa ridici constructii pe propriul teren fara aprobare [DA]
– Nu ai voie sa iti amenajezi curtea/gradina/casa cum vrei tu [DA]
– Ai nevoie de permis pentru anumite utilaje si unelte uzuale [DA]
– Este taxat pentru detinerea de dispozitive de producite pentru us personal [DA]
– Impozitul pe locuinte poate fi modificat oricand in mod abuziv [DA]
– Esti taxat pentru ca vizitezi zone publice din propria ta tara [DA]
– E interzis sa exploatezi resursele din subsolul terenului pe care il detii [DA]

La fiecare din cele de mai sus se pot da exemple concrete, majoritatea afirmatiilor stand chiar in baza legilor existente.

Cele putine drepturi care au ramas deocamdata valide vor disparea si ele cat de curand.
Acest articol va fi actualizat in functie de modificarile legislative.

Actualizat 2016.07

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