Fringe TV Series – Glyphs completely decoded – [En]

When I watched episodes from the Fringe series I always had the feeling that there’s more to those symbols then what’s graphically hidden in them.
So I took the order of them from a few episodes, hex-coded them into a configuration file, loaded that into a special application I designed for quick processing and then I put my Radeon 5870 to work. In about 15 minutes I got valid results of possible alphabet letter corresponding to the glyphs in the episodes.
In each episode, there’s a key work formed out of the symbols.
Fringe Decoded
All image-character relations are correct. I’m not sure only about X and Z. I assume that the symbol is the correct one, but don’t know yet which is which. Time will tell when there’ll be an episode that has a key word form out of X or Z.

I’m not gonna add the keywords from all episodes here. I’ll let you discover them.

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