Li-Ion Phone Battery Cryo Recovery – [En]

Perhaps it happened to you for a phone battery to suddenly not last as long as it suppose to and instead of the current average of 5-7 standby days
to only last one day or less.
This can have several causes like using improper power supply, having power variations when using USB cables, or even internal circuitry problems (happens to some nokia models).
A mistake or some other kind of temporary problem may damage the battery but not permanently if you’re lucky.
I am now gonna tech you how to recover a battery with lifetime problems.
Note that this procedure only works for Li-Ion batteries. If you use it on any other type of battery you can damage it further instead of regenerating it.
Most of the phones today do use Li-Ion batteries so there’s a high probability that you have one of such type. Double check anyway, just to be sure.

Now, when a situation happens and your battery suddenly lasts a day at most on stand-by, you should do the following cryo therapy:

1. Let the phone powered on until the battery fully discharges and the phone powers off. Do not try to recharge it. It may not even work anymore giving you and invalid battery message.
2. Remove the battery.
3. Insert the battery into a freezer (near sub-zero C temperature; the interval -4C to 0C should be fine).
4. Let the battery stay at that temperature for at least 80 minutes but no more then 150 minutes.
5. Remove the battery from the fridge and immediately insert it into your phone.
6. Do not power on the phone. Instead, plug it to a power outlet via it’s original charger. This way it will charge in standard/safe mode (not optimized/quick mode like when the phone is on).
7. Let the battery fully charge and then do not unplug it from the power feed for at least 25 more minutes (but no more than 60).
8. Remove the power feed and power-on your phone.
9. Now the battery should last just as long as it used to before the problem.

If you want a more scientific explanation to this: the cryo recovery works because Li-Ion cells work best in cold temperatures. So North Pole is good for your battery.
Other types work better in high-temperature environments and take damage from low temperatures (like Ni-MH). or some can even work in a much larger temperature interval (like the Ni-Zn cells – read my article about Ni-Zn on this page).

Note: this procedures works in a similar way for non-phone batteries too as long s they are Li-Ion.

So, if your Li-Ion batteries are not permanently damaged, this cryo recovery will bring them back to life.

Good luck !

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3 Responses to Li-Ion Phone Battery Cryo Recovery – [En]

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  2. Ouàdèh Phùr Phùr says:

    I strongly suggest putting the cells in an airtight ziplock bag or something similar, maybe even wrap some paper towels around that bag before chucking it into the freezer! Just the tiniest bit of condensated water can turn those cells into instable explosive devices.

    • xaeus says:

      Your logic is generally good, but the interior of the cell is sealed from the exterior so there is no way for condensation to happen internally. If the cell is no longer sealed, it’s no good anymore anyway.

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