The Most Retard Developer Award of 2017 – [En]

        Guess what (I bet you didn’t), the Most Retard Developer (MRD) award for 2017 does not go to Microsoft and it’s specially granted earlier this year. It goes to ADOBE !

    Even if M$ failed in several important things this year, like the W10 update that kills powershell or the recent W7 patch that makes Explorer crash when you access network shares, it’s not even close to the total epic fail Adobe constantly did.

    Ever since Acrobat DC (down-loadable crap) appeared we can safely say that the .PDF format is currently unusable. They should now state that the PDF initials come from Partially Damaged Format at least.

    – Acrobat DC crashes intermittently on Windows – Valid for all post-Vista Windows versions. It just crashes and that’s it. No official fix.

    – Acrobat DC freezing or “not responding” Windows 7 Professional – General freeze/crash on Windows 7. Fixes rarely solve anything. No official solution.

    – Acrobat DC does nothing on Windows 10 – When trying open PDF file in the reader, nothing happens – neither error message nor any other information. Only the “Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (32 bit)” process exists, running in the background (shown in windows task manager). No interaction with user from the reader.

    – New PDFs do not open in browsers anymore (any of Edge, IE 11, Opera, Failfox, Chrome). And no, it’s not the fault of broswer devs. The cannot permanently catch up with infinite stupidity.

    – New PDFs can’t be saved/opened as anything else and show the ‘Please Wait …’ message.
Official answer on this was ‘Adobe has made the decision that since very few non-Adobe products support these special PDF files, that it is better to show this message — and require the user to download Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat — than it is to let the PDF viewer try to render the document. ‘
Oh really ? So you abuse and prevent other options while yours is totally not functional. You fully deserve your MRD award. It is highly unlikely that anyone else will be able to accomplish this level of stupidity.

    – Updates of A-DC break it, preventing opening of any .PDF. No fix.

    – Lack of any nearly decent performance. On top/high end systems with Windows 10, A-DC takes more time to open a .PDF of under 1MB than a top game takes to load a few GB of itself into memory. How can something of dozens of GB load faster than something not exceeding 1MB ?

    – Macbooks have the same mandatory Update and then always crash problem. Nothing more to be said here.

    – Acrobat DC crashes when trying to print. Oh well … it was to be expected. Since you can’t open in anyway, it’s logical for printing not to work, just in case by some wonder you manage to view it.

Adobe reader cannot process PDFs correctly to print them This one is re-occurring once every few patches and many times it remains broken. Practically, you start to print a document, the command actually gets to the printer but nothing is printed because the inferior Adobe reader cannot correctly process the content of their own files. This fortunately has a fix: you can open the .pdf from a browser (assuming it manages to read it) with the ‘print as image’ enabled. That way, the content is no longer interpreted wrong and the document will print. Nothing to miss-translate in a standard image after all.

So let’s recap – we get updates that make your documents unusable, we get prevented to alternatively open or convert them, we can’t print them, we get crashes and errors at every step, support is practically non-existent, performance is a disaster.

        Conclusion: If someone sends you a document with created with the latest version of Adobe’s .pdf spawner, almost everyone will fail to open it.

        Adobe, you have a big ‘up yours’ from users. Be warned that even companies start to give up on this format since it became the exact opposite of what it suppose to be: something portable. How can you even say it’s portable since you need permanent and constant updating for this crap to actually work ?

        You format is starting to die, just like that p.o.s. flash player did some time ago which you still manage to maintain on life support. Just to re-confirm your incompetence: how can you redirect your flash player download page towards something totally unrelated and let it like that for months ?

        May you have a slow and painful death, Adobe !

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