Updated Oxford Dictionary: Capigtalism

Pronunciation: ˈkapgɪt(ə)lɪsm
Archaic form: capitalism
An enslavement system in which a country’s trade, industry and population are illegally assimilated and controlled by private owners for profit, with the target objectives of enslaving 99% of humans for the good of 1%, complete assimilation and ownership of all assets and resources and complete control of the country’s infrastructure, land, assets, military, media, private organizations and political leadership by using any means necessary including but not only: propaganda, bribery, enslavement, corruption, large-scale environmental contamination, assassination of any opposing forces and genocide.

The principles of Capigtalism can be found here:
Disguised principles of capigtalism

Pronunciation: ˈkapgɪt(ə)lɪst

A person who uses their wealth to create even more wealth with disregard to anything (including environment, morality and human life) in accordance with the principles of capgitalism: the creation of extreme wealth and power for himself and enslavement for everyone else.

Supporting or based on the principles of capigtalism:
Capigtalist countries, capigtalist companies.

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