How Emperor Palpatine actually won at the end of Star Wars Episode 9

Most of you that have seen Star Wars Episode 9 probably thought that Emperor Palpatine was finally defeated and destroyed and the Light side won. You are TOTALLY WRONG if you think that !
Everything happened exactly how the Emperor wanted and foreseen !

To understand this, we will make a comparison to what Valkorion/Vitiate/Tenebrae did.

“Valkorion is an ancient Sith entity with the power to possess and control the bodies of others, using them as puppets to enforce his will on the galaxy. The Immortal Emperor is his latest mask and Zakuul his greatest, most ambitious endeavor: an idealistic playground where he can shed his past and experience a new life unburdened by archaic Sith teachings. A manipulative survivor, Valkorion pinpoints the weaknesses of both friends and enemies alike, twisting them to serve his purpose. He believes the entire galaxy is his to shape and will stop at nothing to reach his goals.” SWTOR codex.

Valkorion was an alias of the former Sith Emperor, Vitiate, used as a conduit to create a new faction more powerful than the one he left behind. His new body was a Human male who was the Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Empire during and after the fall of the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire.

Darth Vitiate led the Sith at the height of their power and was one of the most powerful force sensitive beings in the universe, his power allowed him to destroy an entire planet in exchange for immortal life. His master as a child was Marka Ragnos who took him as his apprentice after the boy killed his Father.

Ragnos sensed great potential in him and gave Vitiate control of the planet Nathema which he eventually destroyed in exchange for never ending life. After Ragnos died instead of challenging for his throne Vitiate disappeared and began plans to build his own empire. On the lost world of Drommund-Kaas Vitiate established his new empire. Over the thousands of years he orchestrated the Mandolorian wars which led to him turning Revan and Malak to the dark side and then sent them to terrorize the galaxy once more.

Emperor Palpatine wanted to do a very similar thing: to re-emerge as immortal, but within Ray’s body. In order for that to happen, he had to get rid of his old body and make a sacrifice in a similar manner to Tenebrae did to increase his power. That was the purpose of all the followers. But Ray seems like she was already possessed by the Jedi, as she clearly stated in the final confrontation. Even so, that presents no problem whatsoever. Palpatine intentionally let her redirect back his Force-lightning in order
to sacrifice his old body. The result was also the sacrifice of the followers he had there, so his plan went … exactly how he planned. The sacrifice was make, his essence was transferred to Ray and he became stronger due to the followers being sacrificed. That along would turn the balance towards the Sith, now that both Sith and Jedi struggle for influence over Ray.

The above brings us to the scene of the Yellow lightsaber. Yellow, being a spectral color made out of 50% red and 50% green, would actually represent balance. This confirms what I said above, that she is possessed by both Sith and Jedi. Since the Jedi ‘infected’ her first, of course they will initially have more control, fact confirmed by her stating that she is a “Skywalker” and by the fact that Jedi Ghosts appear. But the Jedi Ghosts scene is designed with the ghosts on one side and free space on the other. Guess what the free space is for ? Well, it’s for Sith. In time, Jedi will start to lose ground, a balance of power will be achieved. At that time, inside Ray a dual-personality will develop and she will be faced with an impossible struggle. She inevitably will become unstable and angry and the Sith side will gain more ground. In addition to that, all the dark energy of the sacrifice of the followers will add to the dark side’s power and the dark side will gain more ground and finally win in the battle for Ray’s possession. At that point, she will turn into a Sith, just like in the vision she had.

P.S. Who do you think the old lady at the end is ?


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